Recognizes excellence in the application of engineering, geological and geophysical methods towards preservation of the environment and the practice of sustainable development.


Mr. Stuart Torr, E.I.T., and Ms. Christina Dingman, E.I.T., lead Komex’s Renewable Energy Group with their ongoing research into solar energy technology. Their accomplishments represent a critical step in uniting action on climate change with ongoing economic activity in Alberta. By offering Alberta’s industries a versatile, renewable and low-emission power source, Mr. Torr and Ms. Dingman have made significant progress in promoting the efficient and responsible use of energy and natural resources.

In 2001, Komex’s Renewable Energy Group adopted an initiative to develop solar power energy technology for off-grid industrial sites. At the time the decision was made Komex was involved in the installation of contaminant remediation systems at a number of facilities where direct electrical power was unavailable and the use of propane and diesel generators was often required. It was observed that these generators require a high degree of maintenance, both in terms of fuel transportation and upkeep of mechanical equipment. More critically, it was known that petroleum-powered generators can be a source of site contamination through leaked fuel and increased air emissions. Komex’s solar technologies were designed to provide an alternative power source that was both low-maintenance and low-emission.

Toward this end, a mobile solar power station was developed. The system, contained in a small 21 foot trailer, is designed to provide both electrical power and a source of pressurized air for remediation system pumps. The system requires no fuel, has no emissions and is convenient, low-maintenance and completely portable.

Komex’s Renewable Energy Group uses this technology to provide customized solar power energy solutions for oilfield remediation systems. The mobile solar power station and other solar power equipment can be used for: dewatering, recirculation, leak detection, chemical injection, environmental monitoring, cathodic protection, tank level signals, sparging, aeration, biopile oxygenation irrigation, evaporation, soil vapour extraction and air stripping applications.

By emphasizing simplicity, reliability and the leave no trace ethic as design philosophies, Komex is developing cost-effective and socially-acceptable technologies that complement traditional remediation applications. These energy solutions allow Alberta’s industries to operate at sites across the province in a manner that is both economically-viable and environmentally-friendly.

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