Awarded to a project demonstrating engineering, geological or geophysical skills and representing a substantial contribution to technical progress and the betterment of society. The Association will give credit to those firms and/or persons assuming key roles in bringing the project to completion.


The TELUS Next Generation Network (NGN) project is an industry-leading engineering accomplishment by TELUS involving conception, planning, design and implementation of a carrier-class single IP-based network to carry all forms of communications traffic, including voice, data and video. TELUS’ NGN provides the infrastructure required to reduce TELUS’ network costs while bringing a variety of enhanced capabilities and services to customers. Eventually it will eliminate the need for separate networks for voice, data and entertainment services. In 2003, TELUS completed the network infrastructure and has been migrating voice traffic onto the network.

The TELUS NGN project represents a turning point for the industry, away from circuit-based networks designed for telephone services to packet-based networks designed for all forms of information and communication services. The significance and impact to society over time will be as great as was the transition from analog to digital some 30 years ago. The uniqueness of this project is in TELUS’ industry-leading development and execution of a holistic strategy while others are only now realizing this is the way to go.

There are very few places in the world where commercial long-distance traffic is traveling over an IP network designed to deliver carrier-class voice quality and reliability. This makes TELUS one of the first incumbent telecommunications companies world-wide to achieve this industry-leading accomplishment.

This project was substantially conceived, planned and engineered by APEGGA members. In addition, Alberta staff and resources were used for a significant portion of the implementation. Although the TELUS NGN is a national network, a significant portion of the network can be found in Alberta.

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