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Please note that the Leadership Seminar carries an additional $50.00 charge per day for materials.

Principles of Leadership

Overall program objectives:

  1. Recognize yourself as a leader
  2. Understand the Practices of Empowering Leaders
  3. Commit to “leading from the balcony”
  4. Find balance among the 5 leadership roles

Day 1
Module 1: Leadership Paradigms and Myth Busters

  1. The importance of leadership in achieving long-term organizational success
  2. The five myths of leadership
  3. The difference between leadership and management
  4. The difference between controlling and empowering leadership styles

Module 2: Five Leadership Roles and Practices of Empowering Leaders

  1. Clarify and understand your positions with respect to 5 key practices of empowering leaders
  2. Driving passion to realize their vision
  3. Build and sustain trust with followers
  4. Unleash the commitment and motivation of followers
  5. Social and organizational architects
  6. Act from positive beliefs about people and situations
  7. Understand the 3 core elements of team effectiveness
  8. Recognize the 5 roles of leadership
  9. The appropriate balance among the 5 roles
  10. How to “lead from the balcony”
  11. How to use diagnostic questions to “lead from the balcony”

Rob Macdonald


Day 2
Leadership Self-Assessment

Module 3: Leadership Practices and Self-Assessment of Development
In this module you will receive feedback on your leadership practices.

  1. Understand your strengths and weaknesses
  2. Assess yourself in the 5 leadership roles
  3. Know how you are viewed by others in your organization
  4. Create a personal leadership improvement plan

Module 4: Building Trust

  1. The consequences of win-lose and win-win strategies
  2. How to achieve win-win relationships
  3. How to improve trust
  4. Identify the top 3 organizational trust issues
  5. Set personal and organization goals to improve trust

Rob Macdonald


APEGGA Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting
April 19-22, 2006
Edmonton AB