Committee Members

Graham Walker, P.Eng., PhD, Chair
Douglas Elm, P.Eng.
Jivan Kayande, P.Eng.
Don Mah, P.Eng.
Barton Pawluski, E.I.T.
Sam Proskin, P.Eng.
Emad El-Zien , P.Eng.,
Edmonton Member Liaison Committee Representative

Ray Chopiuk, P.Eng., Director, Professional Affairs

Edmonton District Meetings Committee

Graham Walker, P.Eng., PhD, Chair

The Edmonton District Meetings Committee (EDMC) plans and facilitates monthly luncheon meetings highlighting speakers who present topics of professional and general interest to APEGGA members, guests and students.

Topics of the past year ranged from broader issues, such as Creating Successful Alliances to specific projects such as the High Level Bridge Renovation. The latter was one of two joint meetings held in conjunction with the Canadian Society for Engineering Management. The Committee also supplies the chairman for the fall and spring Iron Ring Ceremonies.

This traditional role of the EDMC has been challenged by events and the need to adapt to change. While meetings have customarily served a social or information role, they are also venues for transacting APEGGA business, a role underlined by the high attendance at the meetings in November and January where member resolutions were presented and discussed at length.

The EDMC and the Edmonton Member Liaison Committee had already been reviewing their responsibilities with the view to better serving the APEGGA community and maximizing the limited volunteer resources. The members of both have independently agreed that a single committee with redefined responsibilities would be best able to organize relevant speaker opportunities as well as fora for discussion of APEGGA and professional issues.

Sincere appreciation is expressed for the endurance and active participation of the Committee members who, over the past year, have been ably supported by the APEGGA staff, Ray Chopiuk, P.Eng., and Trish Williams. Nor could we have succeeded without the contribution of our publicity agents, guest speakers and, of course, the continued attendance of the APEGGA members.

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