Branch Executive

Dan Ropchan, P.Eng., Chair
Brian Morrison, P.Eng.
Barry Brown, P.Eng.
Campbell Chow, P.Eng.
Mark Ewanishin, E.I.T.
Brent Fraser, P.Eng.
Kristine Gafuik, E.I.T.
John Lehners, P.Eng.
Joe Malainey, E.I.T.
Brian Morrison, P.Eng.
Vic Saari, P.Eng.
Heidi Yang, E.I.T.

Peace River Branch

Dan Ropchan, P.Eng., Chair

The Peace River Branch has two main goals: to increase the attendance at meetings and to raise our profile in the community. To achieve these objectives, we provided a full-year calendar of events at the beginning of the program year and plan social and educational meetings. The location of meetings is rotated to "share" the travel among the members. We have three career counsellors to cover our large area and encourage members to make presentations in the schools, specifically on applications of mathematics and science based on the member's experience.

The Peace Regional Science Fair is an annual event that a number of our members participate in as judges and resource people. A major event this year was the GPS seminar, with a speaker from Calgary. The event, held in February, was open to the public. I would like to thank the members of the branch executive for their support and dedication and wish the new executive the best for continued success.

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