Committee Members

Wayne Delbeke, P.Eng., Chair
Tony Grice, P.Eng.
Ralph Hildenbrandt, P.Eng.
Frank Meyer, P.Eng.
Diana Purdy, P.Geol.
Jim Russell, P.Eng.
Doug Thompson, P.Geoph.
Linda Van Gastel, P.Eng.
Mark Wallace, P.Eng.
Norm Webster, P.Eng.
Charlie Weir, P.Eng.
Ron Tenove, P.Eng., Consulting
Engineers of Alberta

Stewart McIntosh, P.Eng.,
Director, Professional Practice

Practice Standards Committee

Wayne Delbeke, P.Eng. Chair

The major objective of the Practice Standards Committee (PSC) is "to enhance the quality and value of professional service to the public in all areas of professional practice." The PSC works with APEGGA committees and other agencies on issues such as public safety, dissemination of information, and technical standards.

The Committee regularly reviews, updates, and initiates new guidelines related to professional practice. As well, members of the Committee participate in speaking engagements, seminars and preparation of articles for The PEGG to keep APEGGA members, agencies, government and the public aware of Committee activities.

A revised procedure was developed for reviewing the designs of professionals not registered in Alberta. Under the new guideline, members can stamp properly reviewed work, provided they take full professional responsibility for the work.

Amplification and Commentary in the Manual to Code of Ethics was revised. The "Selecting a Consultant" guideline and consolidation of the seven existing "Building Practices" guidelines into one comprehensive volume are scheduled for completion by mid-1996.

Three new subcommittees were set up: the first to develop a new guideline on "Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace"; the second on proposed changes to the Alberta Building Code, and the third on revisions to the "Advertising" guideline.

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