Report by Public Members of Council

L.G. Young, D.L. Hoover, P.Ag.

It seems that as each year goes by, it becomes more difficult to administer a professional organization and to meet member needs. During 1995, APEGGA Council has had to deal with changes in the workplace and the impact this has on the role of engineers, geologists and geophysicists.

As a result of a Strategic Planning process started in 1994, Council created a Roles, Responsibilities and Accountability Task Force to develop a governance model for APEGGA. The task force's report has been presented to Council, was discussed in greater detail at the February 1996 Council meeting, and is expected to be discussed further at subsequent Council meetings. This effort is important for the ongoing effectiveness of Council.

As public members, we are able to assess objectively the dedication to the professions of engineering, geology and geophysics by Council, Committee Members and staff. This commitment is of benefit to APEGGA members and to the Alberta public.

The ASET/APEGGA issue has taken a lot of time and attention by Council this past year. As public members, we have followed closely the process and results as the two organizations strive to work out an acceptable framework for a continued team approach to practice engineering, geology and geophysics in the province. This issue is far from being resolved, and will require considerable effort, sensitivity, and creativity before a satisfactory conclusion is reached.

The opportunity to participate on APEGGA Council during 1995 has been rewarding. We look forward to 1996 with interest as the Council governance and ASET issues are dealt with.

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