Committee Members

K.C. Porteous, P.Eng., PhD, Chair
Fenna Wiesehahn, President,
Engineering Students Society

Trevor Maine, P.Eng.,
Director, Communications
Jeanne Keaschuk,
Administrator, Career Development

University Student Liaison Committee: University of Alberta/APEGGA/ESS

K.C. Porteous, P.Eng., PhD, Chair

This Committee is intended to provide a link between APEGGA and the university students enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering. Its goals relate to enhancing the professional development of students, informing students of APEGGA's role and providing opportunities to interact with professional members.

The structure of this Committee is currently under review. Changes being considered are aimed at making the Committee more effective in recognizing and responding to student needs and requests in a proactive manner.

The Discover E Science Camp, a YES Camp member since 1993, conducted another successful outreach program last summer. The workshop program, consisting of one-hour engineering and science presentations in elementary and junior high schools in May and June, reached an audience of nearly 8,000 children. The science camps, held in July and August on campus, attracted 362 campers. These campers were given a first-hand look at engineering through exciting hands-on projects and tours of the engineering facilities on campus.

Due to the success of the 1995 program, expansion of the science camps to accommodate 525 campers and development of an outreach program in Grande Prairie is planned for 1996. Engineering Week in 1996 was again very successful with the Mineral Engineering Club winning first place. The participants seemed to have a good time and generated only a positive response from the media.

The U of A will host the Canadian Congress of Engineering Students in January 1998. This event will bring together engineering students from across Canada to discuss and debate issues which they see as important in their education and careers.

All members of the Committee are to be thanked for their support. In particular, APEGGA is thanked for its financial support as well as the administrative support from Ms. Jeanne Keaschuk.

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