The object of this project is to construct a bridge designed to transport an unbroken egg over an open span of one metre using only the force of gravity.

What You Need:

  • 1 box of #1 size paperclips
  • 1 box of narrow 8 inch straws
  • pair of scissors
  • two raw eggs

What to Do:

1. Using the paperclips and straws, design a bridge that covers a distance of one metre.

2. Only the supplied materials may be used.

3. The egg may be given an initial nudge to set it in motion, but after that only the force of gravity can be used to help carry the egg along the bridge.

4. Do not touch the egg once it has started to roll along the bridge. If the egg looks like it is going to fall off the sides of the bridge you can catch it so it doesn't land on the floor.

5. Modify your bridge and try again until you can get the egg to cross the bridge without falling off or breaking.

When the weather is nice this is a great activity to do out in the backyard. Lawn chairs and picnic tables make great platforms to support the ends of your bridge. Experiment with different designs to determine which one supports the egg the best and allows it to move easily across without fear of falling.