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A Luge Leader / 1
Bob Gasper, P. Eng., who has represented Canada three times at Olympic luge competitions, now is combining his knowledge of the sport and his engineering expertise to develop faster sleds.

President's Notebook / 3
President Dan Motyka, P. Eng., writes about the APEGGA Education Foundation.

Nominations for APEGGA Council / 3

Letters / 4

Calgary Branch Executive Nominations / 4
APEGGA's Calgary Branch will choose a new Executive at its annual general meeting on Jan.20. Check page 4 for a list of the nominees.

Council Briefs / 5
APEGGA Council met in Calgary Nov. 26. Among the items approved was the 1999 budget, which calls for a $10 increase in membership fees. Council adopted a logo for APEGGA.

Draft Code of Ethics / 6
A subcommittee of the Practice Standards Committee has developed several drafts of a new Code of Ethics. Council has requested member feedback on the latest draft by Jan.20.

Pursuing Compliance / 7
The PEGG wraps up a three-part series of articles on APEGGA's registration and compliance process. Also, Darcie Greggs, P. Geol., chair of the Enforcement Review Committee, writes about related matters in her second column about the ERC.

City of Calgary
Ready For Y2K / 8
The City of Calgary is ready to cope with the millennium bug.

Across Canada / 8
News from other Associations includes an item about the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan's decision to disband its Women in Engineering Committee and to adjust its approach on equity issues.

Excellence in Education / 9
Speaking to a recent Excellence in Education Event, Prof. Suzanne Kresta P. Eng., PhD, reminded recipients of APEGGA scholarships of their role in advancing knowledge.

More Scholarship Winners / 9
Scholarship winners that did not reach The PEGG prior to publication of the last issue.

University Student News / 9
Society of Petroleum Engineers and the Canadian Society of Engineering Management donated the prize money for a recent University of Calgary student speech competition.

Emerald Award Seeks Nominations / 10

Lives on Line for Liver Foundation / 11
The Lucid Lugers went beyond the call of professional duty when they slid down Calgary's Canada Olympic park to raise funds for the Liver Foundation.

Calgary Petroleum Club Looks Back 50 Years / 11

CANLEX Builds Sand Understanding / 12-13
The Summit-Award winning Canadian Liquefation Experiment (CANLEX) has increased the understanding of sand liquefaction. The University of Alberta's Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Cold Regions Research Facility was an important contributor to CANLEX's success.

Geotechnical Engineers Slide Into Action / 12
A slide last summer on the Victoria Park Roadway proved inconvenient for Edmonton motorists and called for quick action by geotechnical engineers.

Good Attendance At PD Days / 14
Professional Development Days held in Calgary, Edmonton and Fort McMurray in November attracted a total of almost 600 APEGGA members.

More Power Choices / 14
Those attending an Edmonton District Luncheon heard how the generation, distribution and sale of electricity in Alberta is changing.

Young Minds Opened to Science / 14
The Chevron Open Minds program, which brings kids to science sites, is proving popular with Calgary students and teachers.

In the News / 15

Veritas Values Education / 16
Veritas DGC Inc. places emphasis on continuing learning for both its employees and clients.

Scoping the Job / 17
Bruce Peachey, P. Eng., of the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering,continues his series on lifelong learning by stressing the importance of planning in order to meet individual needs.

Van Horne Institute/18
The Calgary-based Van Horne Institute takes a distinctly Canadian approach to teaching and researching transportation and regulatory affairs.

Careers / 19

Registration / 20-21

David Manning Speaks to EATS / 21
Addressing the Edmonton Association of Technical Societies, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers President David Manning emphasized the importance of involving the general public in energy solutions.

Disastrous Effects / 21
Population growth means that naturally occurring phenomena, such as storms and earthquakes,impose greater costs, Rob Stewart, P. Geoph., PhD, told a November APEGGA Council dinner.

Have Your Say / 21

CCPE Scholarships / 21

PEGG These Dates

APEGGA Calendar

Scaffold Connection Sitting Pretty / 24
Fort Saskatchewan-based Scaffold Connection is building on its scaffolding expertise.

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