Gauss What - Math Rules in Edmonton

by Kimberly Nishikaze

The annual Gauss Math Competition doesn't strike fear in the hearts of Grade 7 and 8 math students throughout Edmonton. It's an opportunity to test their mettle and their minds with a series of arithmetic puzzles.

APEGGA is a proud sponsor of this competition, which recognizes achievements in mathematical problem solving.

The Gauss is a national test, which started in 1980. This year, 2,489 students from 51 schools in the Edmonton area wrote the exam. A perfect score is 150 points.

The following students received top marks and were recognized at a public ceremony a few weeks ago:

Grade 7:
Place - Glen Smith, Parkview School, scored 144 points.

2nd Place - Gary Galante and Kenton Gan, both of Parkview School, tied with 142 points.

3rd Place - Rose Bouthillier, McKernan School, and Andrew Nelson, Avalon School, scored 136 points.

Grade 8:
Place - Christopher Gee, Crestwood School, and Jarett Prouse, Vernon Barford Junior High School, scored 142 points.

2nd Place - Kenny Daraseng, Rosslyn School, and Nick Wang, Grandview Heights School, tied with 138 points.

3rd Place - Son Ly, St. Cecilia School; Kevin Nguyen, St. Rose School; and Kimberly Precht, Louis St. Laurent School, scored 136 points.

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