1997 Membership Register Available

APEGGA's 1997 Membership Register is now available. The register can be purchased in person from the Edmonton and Calgary APEGGA offices at $20.00 for members and $30.00 for non-members. Mail order requests are $23.50 for members ($33.00 to U.S.A. Canadian Funds) and $33.50 for non-members ($43.00 to U.S.A. Canadian Funds). Payment for mail order requests must be received in advance at the APEGGA offices, and all cheques are to be made payable to APEGGA, clearly marked "for Membership Register". Payment by VISA and MasterCard is also accepted.

The Membership Register is published for the use of Association members, permit holders and those members of the public requiring information related to the provision of engineering, geological or geophysical services. Its use as a medium for advertising or sale of commercial products or for any other similar purpose is strictly prohibited.

APEGGA's role in registering professional members on a "register" does include an address at which our members can be contacted, and the Association is obliged, under provisions of the Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions Act, to make that "register" available to the public.

In preparation for publication of the 1997 register, all members were contacted to update information on APEGGA's database. The process resulted in a large number of changes. Some members objected to having any information provided to the public in written or electronic form without their expressed consent, (particularly their address). Members who expressed concerns were provided with samples of published information, and some suggestions for maintaining personal privacy.

CD-ROM Version

A CD-ROM version of the register is being planned. The proposed version would be made available to members of APEGGA and the public on the same basis as the print version. Pricing of the CD-ROM is yet to be determined. The access to the data would be only on a name-search basis. The information fields attached to individual names would be non-searchable in order to minimize inappropriate use of the data. The information fields included would be the same as the print version: surname, preferred first name, designation, degree(s), discipline, university, year of graduation, mailing address, job title, and employer name. APEGGA's records do contain considerable additional information that will not be published, including: telephone, fax, e-mail, age, sex, and country of origin.

1997 Membership Register CD ROM Version

APEGGA Council has authorized the production of a CD-ROM version of the Membership Register.

APEGGA members are advised that at most the following information will be included:

  • Surname and preferred first and other name
  • Professional (or member in training) designation
  • Degree(s) and Discipline(s)
  • Academic Institution & Year of Graduation
  • Mailing Address
  • Job Title
  • Employees Name
Members who wish to become more discreet about having their address published in the CD-ROM version of the membership register may choose to provide the APEGGA office with an alternate address such as a post office box number or work address. Written requests to have an alternate address used for this publication must be received at the Edmonton APEGGA office by Aug. 15 1997.
For further information, please contact Mary Ewanicke or APEGGA Deputy Registrar Al Schuld, P.Eng., at the Edmonton office.

Any member who wishes to exclude personal information from publication in the CD-ROM version of the Membership Register is requested to advise APEGGA by Aug. 15, 1997.

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