Continuing Professional
Development -- An Update

By Christine Smith

The Continuing Professional Development Guideline was mailed to all professional members July 24.

When members next receive their annual dues invoice, they also will receive the Continuing Professional Development Questionnaire. Members are asked to complete the form and submit it with their dues payment by their invoice due date. The questionnaire asks members to report:

One may also report, on a voluntary basis, the Professional Development Hours claimed for the previous 36 months.

In subsequent years, members will be required to report the number of Professional Development Hours for the previous 12 months in each of the six professional development categories outlined in the guideline.

How do you know if you are "practicing" or "non-practicing"?

If you accept responsibility for any work as defined in The Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions Act, you are considered to be practicing in that area. If you hire and direct those who are practicing the profession in accordance with the definition, or are involved in activities that are part of the definition, you are practicing. Further, if you feel that you are influencing the practice of the professions in any fashion, you are encouraged to declare yourself to be practicing.

In August, APEGGA conducted two volunteer training sessions: one in Calgary and the other in Edmonton. The objective of the sessions was to train volunteers on making presentations on the Continuing Professional Development Program. The volunteers are available to respond to industry requests for in-house presentations. In addition, APEGGA will be scheduling public presentations to be held throughout Alberta in the fall.


The APEGGA Web site is under development to include:

Those who do not have access to the World Wide Web, please contact the closest APEGGA office to have a hard copy of the material (upon availability) mailed.


APEGGA is conducting a pilot of this Internet-based skills database for 50 members in Calgary during the last quarter of 1997. The pilot test will provide volunteers with the opportunity to build their own personal skills profile and identify specific skills that they may need or want to develop. Since SkillScape already has developed skills pertinent to mechanical engineering, APEGGA is targeting this discipline to assist us in the evaluation of this tool. Evaluation results from this pilot project will assist APEGGA in determining whether APEGGA should offer this tool to all members. It is not the intent of APEGGA to offer this skill assessment tool to the membership at large until a thorough investigation of the software capabilities, costs and alternatives has been conducted.

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