The efforts of Edmonton Student Outreach Volunteers were recognized at a dinner held June 24. Seen in photo are:  

Back Row: (left to right) Jeanne Keaschuk, APEGGA Student Outreach Coordinator;
Greg Wengreniuk, P.Eng.; David Austen,P.Eng.; Jean-Yves Vanier, E.I.T.;
Cameron Sterling, P.Eng.;Kirstin Castro-Wunsch, P.Eng.; Brad Kuchinka, P.Eng.;
Dixon Edwards, P.Geol.

Middle Row: Bonni Wengreniuk, P.Eng.; Frank Au-Yeung, P.Eng.;Darren Bryson, P.Eng.;
Dorothy Frueh, P.Eng.; Geoff Wagner, P.Eng.;Fred Otto, P.Eng.; Khurram Khan, P.Eng.;
Joan Marklund, P.Geol.

Seated: Dave Meier, P.Eng.; Miriam Lynch, P.Eng.; Bob Rose, P.Eng.;Sital Nanuan, P.Eng.,
Daryl Tchir, P.Eng.; Dave Robson, P.Eng.

A similar appreciation dinner was held in Calgary, June 23.

David Austen, P.Eng., (left) received a presentation at the Edmonton Student Outreach Volunteer Recognition Dinner for attending 12 APEGGA Student Outreach events in the past year. Fred Otto, P.Eng., PhD, former APEGGA president, made the presentation. Nick Malychuk, P.Eng., who was unable to attended the recognition dinner, topped the list of Edmonton volunteers by attending 30 Outreach events.