Annual Report Summary

Readers will find a summary of key elements of APEGGA's 1997-98 Annual Report in the centre section of the current PEGG.

Prompted by a sharp rise in the cost of mailing, as in the past two years, APEGGA will not undertake a general mailing of the Annual Report to all members. Copies will be mailed to members of committee and branch executives.

Copies of the Annual Report will be mailed upon request by contacting the Edmonton or Calgary APEGGA office by mail, phone (Edmonton 403-426-3990/ toll free 1-800-661-7020/ Calgary 403-262-7714), fax (403-426-1877), or E-mail ( A copy of the Annual Report can also be obtained in person at the Calgary or the Edmonton office. Furthermore, copies of the full Annual Report will be made available at APEGGA's Annual General Meeting in Edmonton April 17, and an electronic version of the report will be posted on the Association's Web site.

In addition to the Annual Report summary carried in this edition of The PEGG, as was done last year, the May PEGG will include an insert recognizing APEGGA volunteers serving on boards and committees.