Part 8
Registered Professional Technologists (Geological, Geophy

Lieutenant Governor in Council regulations
96 The Lieutenant Governor in Council may make regulations, with respect to the practice of geology or geophysics, or both,

(a) designating classes of persons as registered professional technologists and prescribing the restrictions of practice and the privileges and obligations of the classes so established;
(b) respecting the titles that may be used by the classes established under clause (a) and the circumstances and the conditions under which the titles may be used and prohibiting any other persons from using those titles or from representing or holding out, expressly or by implication, that they are entitled to use the titles;
(c) respecting the academic and other qualifications and the experience required of a registered professional technologist before the technologist becomes entitled to use a title referred to in clause (b);
(d) respecting the establishment of a register of registered professional technologists entitled to use a title referred to in clause (b);
(e) governing the establishment of boards or committees with respect to the classes of registered professional technologists established under clause (a) and respecting the powers, duties and operations of those boards or committees;
(f) respecting the circumstances under which a board or committee established under clause (e) may suspend or terminate the right of a registered professional technologist to use a title referred to in clause (b);
(g) respecting the stamp or seal issued to a registered professional technologist and the circumstances under which it is to be surrendered by the registered professional technologist;
(h) respecting the application of any provision of this Act, with or without modification, to a class of registered professional technologist established under clause (a).

1999 c8 s3