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Hi Everyone:

The Lethbridge APEGGA Branch is looking for members that would be interested in providing "science support" in the Lethbridge Region, and for the re-establishment of a Lethbridge Regional Science Fair, with the possibility of APEGGA taking a lead role in conjunction with the Alberta Institute of Agrologists (AIA). We want to hear from interested people who are willing to make science supporting activities a priority in our community and to establish a group with the critical mass to follow through with these types of events. As individual societies we've received numerous requests for support in the past from schools and others that we have not been able to provide. One of our first goals would be to provide a plan for the re-establishment of a Regional Science Fair with the help of other groups and societies.

For those of you who would enjoy supporting student success, encouraging technical achievement and excellence at all levels - from elementary schools to Continuing Professional Development of members, please express your interest by contacting:

APEGGA Members:
Mike Van Doorn, P.Eng. - mvandoorn@stantec.com (mvandoorn@stantec.com>
Cal Koskowich, P.Eng. - calvin.koskowich@nrc.ca (calvin.koskowich@nrc.ca)

AIA Members:
Mandi Parker, P.Ag - mparker@eba.ca (mparker@eba.ca)

Please send us an email if you would be interested in being involved in this important initiative! We plan on scheduling a meeting in the near future to discuss the planning and implementation process for such events as a Regional Science Fair. We will directly contact those of you interested with further information in the coming weeks.

Watch for a Science Fair related article in the Herald by Ric Swihart this week for details.

Thanks for showing your support for Science in Lethbridge.
Mike J. Van Doorn, P.Eng.
Branch Chair, APEGGA Lethbridge
Ph: (403) 329-3344
Fax: (403) 328-0664