Central Alberta Branch
Executive Meeting Minutes

June 4, 2002

Arts Centre Conference Room
Red Deer College


Present: Rick Granberg, Wade Keller, Kim Ng, Robert Perrault, Niki Phillips, Andrew Poole, Gerry Pyper, Arun Mishra (recorder)

1. As Chair Stevens is under the weather, the meeting was called to order by Vice Chair Poole at 7:10 PM.

2. The agenda was approved as amended.

3. The minutes for April 9, 2002 Executive meeting were approved. As some of the executive have not been able to open their attachments, it was suggested that the minutes be cut and pasted to the e-mail as well as sent as an attachments.

4. Business Arising:

4.1 Treasurer's Report: The balance in our account is presently adequate for foreseen expenses.

4.2 Student Outreach Coordinator Report: The Teacher's Award was presented to Susan Carmichael of Joseph Welsh Primary School in Red Deer. It was suggested that Andrew Wagner inform the executive about such events so that they could attend, if possible. The dinner for this award is on June 13 and 2 or 3 executives will attend with the award recipient and her Vice Principal. Andrew Poole presented an award to Kelly Lund's class during the National Engineering Week.

4.3 Chamber of Commerce Events Update: As Arun has been e-mailing the events to the members so diligently, it was agreed to remove this item from the agenda.

4.4 Branch / Head Office Issues: The article about the branch will
appear in the June issue of the PEGG.

4.5 Discretionary Spending: We need to set priorities, guidelines and a budget for our discretionary spending. The members were requested to come prepared to discuss this at our next meeting.

4.6 The MBA Program Notice: This notice was to appear in the April issue of the PEGG, then in the May issue, and now it is slated to appear as a feature article in the June issue.

4.7 Red Deer River Cleanup: About 250 people attended and 4 truck loads of garbage were removed.

5. New Business

5.1 AGM Review: Twenty-five people attended the event and the evaluation was generally good. The college library tour was well done. In future, we should be more diligent re the gifts. It was suggested that we could use an event checklist (i.e., speakers, dinner, gifts, etc.) for planners.

5.2 June Event: Kim is organizing a tour of the Red Deer Waste
Management Facility for June 25 or 26, 2002.

5.3 Technical Courses (ASET, ASME, CIC, etc.): No information.

5.4 Volunteer Organizations Update: No information.

5.5 Branch Executive Orientation: June 14 and 15 in Edmonton. Wade may attend.

5.6 New Executive Member: Wade Keller was accepted as a new member by a Pyper/Ng motion.

6. Next Meeting on August 27, 2002: At the "Pyper Ranch" in Lacombe 7:00 p.m. As Blair skipped this meeting, he has been volunteered to be the reporter.

7. The meeting adjourned on a Poole motion.