Central Alberta Branch
Executive Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, March 13, 2001

7:00 p.m., Red Deer College
Red Deer, Alberta

Present: Kim Ng, Andrew Poole, Gerry Pyper, Elisabeth Dupuis, Arun Mishra, Rick Granberg, Bob Demcoe, Peter Stevens (recorder)

Regrets: Chis Dedeurwaerder, Blair Boudreau, Deepika Shah-Lahoti, Rod Collins

  1. Meeting was called to order 7:10pm.
  2. Agenda was approved.
  3. Last meeting’s minutes were approved.
  4. Business Arising:

    4.1 Student Outreach:

    (a) Engineering Week: Red Deer College Student's Night was the Central Alberta Branch's major contribution.

    (b) School presentations: A volunteer for the Consort school has yet to come forward. New requests have come from 3 schools in Red Deer and 1 in Bowden. Still looking for volunteers.

    (c) Teacher’s Awards: Andrew P. will contact head office for process.

    (d) Science Fair: March 23, 24; Arun M. encouraged volunteers for the event.

    4.2 Chamber Update:

    Bob D. circulated the 2001 schedule of events for information. The Spring General Meeting will be March 21, 11:45am, at Red Deer Lodge; guest speaker is a Bank of Montreal economist.

    4.3 Branch/HO APEGGA issues:

    Kim N. said ballots for annual APEGGA executive election should be received by all members by now. President’s Honorarium referendum is also included. All were encouraged to vote.

  5. New Business:

    5.1 Red Deer College Student’s Night

    Arun M. estimated attendance at the March 6 event to be 30-35 students and engineers. Project Awards were presented to 4 students. Arun M. received head office recognition, in the form of a plaque, for service as College Liaison.

    5.2 Upcoming Events:

    "PD Day is scheduled for Saturday, April 7, at Red Deer College; notice will be mailed by end of this week. 4 sessions include: effective technical writing, 7 attributes of meeting mastery, dealing with difficult people, and a presentation of the Nova Chemicals 2000 Joffre expansion. All for $75.

    5.3  Branch Website:

    Kim N. called attention to the Central Alberta webpage, found in the "APEGGA.org" website. Presently, the webpage contains event pictures, executive names and mail addresses. It will also contain meeting minutes and tour notices. Shirley Layne at head office updates the webpage as Kim N. requests. Suggestion was made to post requests for volunteers. The website address will be noted on the next mailer.

    5.4 Branch Plan:

    (a) Kim N. distributed the Plan; general discussion followed. It was well received.

    (b) Annual APEGGA Golf Tourney organizers have requested Central Branch to donate $175, slightly higher than past years.

    Motion by Gerry P. 2nd Peter S., for the Central Branch to donate $175 to the 2001 APEGGA Annual Golf Tournament in Red Deer. Carried.

    (c) Arun M. informed executive of upcoming NW N. America Conference for agricultural professionals to be held in Red Deer at the end of September/01. 150-200 attendees are expected. Arun M. will be the Red Deer College rep. He suggested that the next executive consider including a Central Branch welcoming letter in the registration package.

    (d) General discussion for May and June events. The AGM is scheduled for May 8/01, where elections for the next executive will be held and service recognitions to select executive members will be presented. Persons with suggestions for speakers should contact Kim N. with contacts. Discussion to continue next meeting. (Note: all meetings open to APEGGA members.)

    5.5 Technical Courses Update:

    Canadian Water Resources Association: Alberta Branch Annual Conference, entitled, "Me and Our Water – We’re All Downstream"

    April 8-10/01, at Capri Centre, Red Deer; $240 non-member.

    For more information, call David Atkinson, Calgary: (403) 569-6514.

    5.6 Volunteers Organization Update:

    General discussion.

6. Next Meeting:

Tuesday, April 10/01, 7pm, Red Deer College.