Fort McMurray Branch
Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, December 5, 2000

Room 189, Westwood YMCA
Fort McMurray, Alberta


Paul Hagar  
Mike Sneath  
Gerry Lobb  
Hassan Halepota  

Mitch Azmier, Allyson Hadland, Prakash Mullick, Dave Fudge, Victoria Fudge, Andrey Pawelczak, Marc Riendeau, Swami Swaminathan, Kim Farwell, Rattan Garcha, Jacob Oommachan

Greg Gaudet,
Jim Dawson, Peter Fisher, Shannon Hardy

Ashok Sehgal

1.0 Call to Order

2.0 Branch Chair Opening Remarks

- Recognized Gerry for CPD day work.
- Allyson could not find 3 Lego Judges therefore cancelled the event.

3.0 Review and Acceptance of Previous Meeting Minutes

- Minutes accepted. Motion: PH, Second: MS. Status: carried.

4.0 Future of Current Chair

- Paul Hagar may be going to Honeywell in London, Ontario in the Spring.
- Defer action to January.

5.0 Review of Action Log

- Action log was reviewed and updated.
- # 7 completed

6.0 Event Update

- Cancelled CPD Day: Email list not accurate that head office has, a Spring event should be held early, GL will send planning notes to the executive.
- Lego Competition was cancelled because of lack of Judges.
- Student Night: no update

7.0 Branch Chair & Council Meeting Report (see Paul's great notes)

- President's Visit notes to be forwarded to Rattan.
- Branch needs to contribute ideas for PEGG. (George Lee)
- Secondary Liability Insurance is to protect members from being sued for services offered, pamphlet coming from head office.

8.0 President's Visit

- Paul discussed details with Head Office. Branch will pay for the expenses and not the Head Office. Paul will update Rattan on all the details of the visit. Cost for the dinner will be positioned at $17.50 per person. The budget is $600, projected costs are estimated at $1050 creating a loss for the branch of $550. Inductees and VIPs will be free. There will be two bottles of wine at the table one red and one white.
9.0 Annual General Meeting
- A speaker needs to be located for the meeting.

10.0 Relevance Issues Forum

- Ron Tenove has offered to come up and discuss relevancy of the profession and APEGGA.
- Could discuss with the Executive or in an open forum with the Membership.
- Council agreed to pay all of the expenses.
- Discuss this at the January meeting to see if we want to do this, (probably no).

11.0 Nominating Committee for 2001 - 2002 Executive

- Defer to January.
- Three members needed.

12.0 Financial Audit Committee

- Paul Hagar and Hassan Halepota have volunteered to audit this years books

13.0 ASET (Financial Planning Joint Venture)

- Defer discussion until January
- Good idea, will offer to buy drinks and food, but not a 50/50 cost split.
- If there is an in town speaker we will agree to a 50/50 split.

14.0 APEGGA Honorarium (Pamphlet handed out)

- Head office has requested input from the Branches
- Executive should read share and compile comments, forward to Paul Hagar by the first week of January.

15.0 Meeting Day (What day of the week and day of the month is most suitable?)

- Discussion: second week of the month is preferred, could rotate the day of the week or propose one day of the week.

16.0 Other Business

- Paul presented the $2000 1st. Year Transfer Scholarship Award to Amanda Swain, Keyano student. Her mother accepted the award.
- Mike Sneath suggested that an ASET segment on the Agenda should be added.

17.0 Adjournment

- Next meeting to be held on January 15, 16, 17 or 18, 2001. Paul to send out a memo and vote on which day they would like the meeting.