Fort McMurray Branch
Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, November 14, 2000

Room 189, Westwood YMCA
Fort McMurray, Alberta


Jim Dawson Andrey Pawelczak
Kim Farwell Marc Riendeau
Rattan Garcha Mike Sneath
Paul Hagar Swami Swaminathan
Gerry Lobb  
Jacob Oommachan  

Mitch Azmier, Peter Fisher, Allyson Hadland, Shannon Hardy, Prakash Mullick, Ashok Sehgal

Dave Fudge, Victoria Fudge, Greg Gaudet

1.0 Call to Order

2.0 Review and Acceptance of Previous Meeting Minutes
Minutes accepted. Motion: MS, Second: SS. Status: carried.

3.0 Business Arising From Previous Meeting Minutes
Discussions are recorded with appropriate upcoming events.

4.0 Review of Action Log - Action log was reviewed and updated.

5.0 Past Events

Technical Night - good topics and speakers were excellent. Event took a loss due to speaker expenses. CIM will likely cover a portion of the loss (to be discussed with them). APEGGA's budget can absorb entire loss.

6.0 Upcoming Events

- Student Night - Shannon is working details.

- CPD Day - booked at MPI, deadline for registration is this Friday. 14-15 registrations to date. Break even point is 30 participants.

- Motion: 25 confirmed (paid) registrants by Friday Nov. 17, 16:00, or else session will be cancelled/postponed to 2001. Registrants would be notified and registration fee returned. Motion: PH, 2nd: MR. Status: carried.

- President's Visit - branch is responsible for cost of wine for event. Two bottles of wine will be supplied per table. Tables will be asked if they prefer red or white. Additional bottles can be purchased by individuals.

7.0 Discussions

- CIM Conference - June 13-15 - Call for Papers. Branch members to be notified by GL.

- High School Awards - unusual situation at Westwood. Potential for two winners - one grade 9 science and math, one grade 9 student with highest mark in grade 9 science and grade 10 math. Decided to award two awards (a total of three to Westwood) because of this special case.

- President's Honourarium - PM had suggested a value of $1 per member.

- Transfer scholarships - PH shared branch's desire to maintain total value of transfer scholarships. Other branches had expressed similar desires.

8.0 Other Business

- Email aliasing - PH to investigate.

- Lego Competition - three volunteer judges required on November 26th to judge a lego competition from 12:00 to 15:00. Contact Allyson if you are interested.

- January ASET event - financial planner. Will be scheduled sometime between 15 - 26th of January.

9.0 Adjournment

Next Meeting Dec 5 (one week early).