Fort McMurray Branch
Meeting Minutes

Tuesday,October 10, 2000

Room 189, Westwood YMCA
Fort McMurray, Alberta


Jim Dawson Gerry Lobb
Kim Farwell Prakash Mullick
Peter Fisher Jacob Oommachan
Victoria Fudge Andrey Pawelczak
Shannon Hardy Marc Riendeau
Paul Hagar Mike Sneath


Mitch Azmier, Dave Fudge, Rattan Garcha, Greg Gaudet, Allyson Hadland, Ashok Sehgal, Swami Swaminathan


1.0 Call to Order

2.0 Branch Chair Opening Remarks

Welcome to guests Jamie LeBlanc and Hassan Halepota.

3.0 Review and Acceptance of Previous Meeting Minutes

Minutes accepted. Motion: PM, Second: PH. Status: carried.

4.0 Business Arising From Previous Meeting Minutes
Discussion items were added to other business.

5.0 Review of Action Log

Action log was reviewed and updated.
6.0 Upcoming Events

Technical Night - flyer has been sent. Still finalizing arrangements with CIM (food, profit/loss split). Also, speaker gifts still to be arranged.

CPD - date is Nov. 24, venue TBA. Topics are Professional Liability, Ethical Decision-Making, Winning with Difficult People, Contract Management. $100 fee includes lunch and snacks.
It will be possible to cancel a couple of weeks in advance if numbers are not high enough to break even. Advertised by posters and on Shaw local. Mitch (treasurer) will collect $ and issue receipts.

Student Night - date, venue next month. Invite MIT's.

7.0 President's Visit

Set up for February 21. We pay for luncheon. Need list of inductees, lifetime members, VIP's, registered professional technologists.

8.0 Branch Chairs & Council Meeting Update

Council meeting took place in Medicine Hat. The Medicine Hat branch did an excellent job as hosts. See notes attached.

9.0 2000 Business Plan & Branch Budget

Budget is not yet approved. MA to be sent a copy.

10.0 Other Business

First Year Transfer Scholarships - Fort McMurray Branch disagrees with Education Foundation recommendation to reduce number of scholarships (while increasing value). Branch recommends a scholarship regime that utilizes at least the same total dollar value as previous.

President's Honourarium - being considered to compensate APEGGA president for lost income while in office. President's role requires about 60 working days.

ASET Educational Technology Committee - opportunities for cooperating on training in areas of joint interest. Bring more info to future meeting.
Advertise technical nights to ASET members.

Vic Saari has resigned from the branch.

Request for meeting minutes and Action Log to be available in advance of the day of the meeting (apologies as this wasn't achieved this month).

Suggestion that APEGGA provide an email alias service for members.

Presentation on how to purchase a computer to meet your needs by Altech on Tuesday, Oct. 21. Information with JD.

MIT night to be discussed next meeting.

11.0 Adjournment

Motion to adjourn: PM, second: JL. Status: carried. Next Meeting Nov. 14.