Fort McMurray Branch
Executive Meeting
Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 17, 2001
Annual Planning Session

Bob Lamb Industry Training Centre
Fort McMurray, Alberta

Mitch Azmier, Bruce Durnford, Kim Farwell, Rattan Garcha, Paul Hagar, Hassan Halepota, Prakash Mullick, Trish Murison, Jacob Oommachan, Isabelle Ramsaran, Marc Riendeau, Anne Simpson

Jamie Leblanc, Mike Sneath

Andrey Pawelczak

1.0 Dinner

2.0 Introduction of 2001/2 executive and volunteers

3.0 Branch chair's remarks and introduction to planning session

4.0 Choice of day for future meetings
Future meetings will occur on the second Wednesday of each month.

5.0 Brainstorming of ideas and creation of branch schedule
Event/Activity Volunteers Proposed Date Budget

1 Newsletter
- to be published quarterly
- edited by Isabelle and Kim
- articles by chair, and organizers of past events
- calendar of upcoming events Isabelle Ramsaran (L), Kim Farwell Quarterly HO

2 Calendar of Events on Web
- use branch website at head office to keep a list of events Kim Farwell Ongoing HO

3 Better Use of Branch Website Kim Farwell and Mitch Azmier Ongoing HO

4 President's Visit Rattan Garcha (L), Paul Hagar Feb 20, 02 $2500

5 AGM Mitch Azmier (L), Prakash Mullick Mar 27, 02 $1500

6 Annual Planning Session
- will include pizza and pop for dinner Kim Farwell (L), Mitch Azmier April, 02 $100

7 Executive BBQ
- held at Kim and Mitch's
- brief meeting to review current issues
- social event, spouses invited
- BYOB (BEvERages and barbecuables) Kim Farwell and Mitch Azmier July 13, 01 $50

8 CPD Session Marc Riendeau (L), Jacob Oommachan, Paul Hagar Oct 19, 01 BE

9 National Engineering Week Anne Simpson (L), Bruce Durnford Mar 01 Outreach

10 Teacher's Awards Anne Simpson Mar/Apr HO

11 Student Awards
- Two awards of $75 each for each high school
- Presented by APEGGA member at Commencement ceremony Anne Simpson and Mike Sneath Oct 01 $300 from Outreach $150 from Showcase

12 APEGGA Casual Night
- social event for APEGGA members
- target MIT's and new hires not yet members
- cash bar Kim Farwell and Anne Simpson Sep 27, 01 $500

13 Mentoring program
- program to set up MIT's with professional mentors
- propose a format to set this up Trish Murison Aug, 01 ?

14 Wine and Cheese Isabelle Ramsaran (L), Rattan Garcha Nov 21, 01 BE

15 Booth at Tradeshow Kim Farwell Sep, 01 HO

16 Joint Event with CIM As required ? $200

17 "Famous Personalities" Event
- invite corporate and gov't leaders to a social event with APEGGA
- possibly combine with wine and cheese Rattan Garcha ? BE

18 Run/Walk Event (2002)
- get corporate sponsorship
- donate proceeds
- provide food afterward 2002 BE
L - event lead, HO - head office, BE - breakeven

6.0 Ideas to attract membership to events this year
- Newsletter - advance notice of upcoming events
- Mail Out - flyer to advertise upcoming events sent a couple of weeks in advance
- E-mail - use email to provide event information and reminders

Action: update Fort McMurray member email address list
Ideas: ask for information on membership renewal form
remind members to update email addresses in newsletter

- Website - keep information up to date on upcoming events