Fort McMurray Branch
Executive Meeting Minutes

Thursday, December 6, 2001

Westwood YMCA
Fort McMurray, Alberta

Mitch Azmier, Kim Farwell, Paul Hagar, Kamal Hammad, Jacob Oommachan, Rattan Garcha,

Bruce Durnford, Prakash Mullick, Mike Sneath, Christophe Durieu, Anne Simpson, Louise Michaud, Arfan Ahmad

Hassan Halepota


1.0 Call to Order

2.0 Branch dismissal
Hassan Halepota is dismissed from the branch as we have not been able to contact him. Motion: KF, Second: PH, Status: carried

3.0 Opening Remarks
Mitch updated the executive and welcomed everyone.

4.0 Acceptance of Agenda
No new items were added to agenda. Motion: PH, Second: RG, Status: carried

5.0 Acceptance of Minutes
No new items were added/deleted from minutes. Motion: PH, Second: RG, Status: carried

6.0 Review of Action Log
Delete #1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 because they are complete.
Action Log review was conducted.

7.0 Upcoming Events Review
23rd of January: PRESIDENT VISIT: new member induction list & food menu at Sawridge Hotel/Oak Room booking by RG (suggested $25/person). Rattan needs to obtain VIP list and provide invitation by letter. Send e-mail before Xmas holiday. Action: Mail along with newsletter on 3rd week of January. Lunch: Executives and Permit Holders (SCL, Suncor, Albian, and Fluor) in town will hold a luncheon. Gift: Rattan G and Paul H will update us at next meeting

Jacob to re-book technical night for February 20th : Topic will be "Expansion in Oil Sands". Seminar should not take more than 1 hour. Fluor will pay for total expense. Cash bar. Prior to next executive meeting, we will have full information on what will be presenting and what will be provided. Sponsor name will be mentioned in the invitation letter. APEGGA will spend $500 on event for mailing.

Newsletter: Mailing date is the 3rd week of January

AGM: Mailer on 3rd week of February. Actual date is the 27th of March. Mike Asher is invited to speak.

Action: Jacob O needs to send Mitch A and Rattan G how much do we have budgeted for AGM & for President visit.

Accountant Book Audit: 2 volunteers are required. Books need to be closed at January 31st, 2002. Volunteers will be Kim F and Paul H.

Pay for a copy of Quicken to Jacob O.

Pay Kim F $50 for Pizza.

Action: Kim and everyone else need to submit receipts to Jacob by December 31st, 2001.

Nominate Committee:
1. Past Chair: Paul H
2. Secretary: Kamal H
3. to be picked in January

Action: Send nominees list one month in advance to AGM

Action: CPD Summary from Jacob O to be submitted to Kim F by 1st week of January

Action: Lego event from Paul H submitted to Kim F by 1st week of January

8.0 Misc. Branch Chair Update
A. Prem Uppal RPT (Eng.) on November 22nd became an RPT.
B. Wine & Cheese by Rattan G : no future RSVP for some events so we can maximize attendance. Mitch thanked Paul H and Rattan G. Between 15 to 20 people showed up.
C. Thank you Jacob O, Paul H, and Bruce D for CPD day. Good event. Future events - watch for inadequate lunch buffet from Sawridge Hotel. We should have next CPD elsewhere.
D. Thank you Paul H, Chris M, Taylor R, and Dave F for the LEGO event (up to grade 6 participation)

E. APEGGA transfer scholarship to Keyano $2000 on Nov 27, 2001 to Robyn Kelly.

Action: Event Review and Discussion at next meeting by Mitch Azmier.

9.0 Outreach Update
Budget submitted to Counsel for approval by Paul H.
$500 for engineer week event available from APEGGA at 6 to 8 weeks notice.
Sheryll needs a report on our engineering week
APEGGA web-site used for personal use and head-hunters. Delete any unsolicited junk mail.
Request has been denied to sponsor the discovery center with $15K. Bert contacted Mitch initially, who contacted HO.
APEGGA does not take any political stand on any issues.

10.0 Other Technical Seminars
· N/A

11.0 New Business