Fort McMurray Branch
Executive Meeting

Tuesday, Feb 13, 2001

Room 201, YMCA (Westwood),
Fort McMurray, Alberta


February 13, 2001 Actions
Powerpoint Presentation


Mitch Azmier, Kim Farwell, Rattan Garcha, Paul Hagar, Hassan Halepota, Shannon Hardy, Jamie Leblanc, Prakash Mullick, Jacob Oommachan, Andrey Pawelczak



Allyson Hadland, Marc Riendeau, Mike Sneath, Swami Swaminathan


Peter Fisher, Dave Fudge, Greg Gaudet


Victoria Fudge


  1. Call to Order
  2. Branch Chair Opening Remarks
  3. Review and Acceptance of Previous Meeting Minutes
  • President’s Visit update: wine will be poured for each guest, no bottles on table.
  • Participation in President’s Visit luncheon is low, consider moving it to town.
  • Paul will pick up Neil Windsor at the airport.
  • Allyson Hadland was excused, not absent.
  • Minutes accepted. Motion: JL, Second: MA. Status: carried.

1. Review of Action Log

  • Action log was reviewed and updated.

2. President’s Visit

  • Volunteers: At door – Paul and Jacob. Need list of inductees and VIP’s
  • Shannon and Marc will MC
  • Note that Guy Boutillier would like to speak for ten minutes – Rattan to ensure that it is not campaigning, as this would not be an appropriate venue
  • Ticket sales have been slow. 9 confirmed non-paying guests (VIP’s and inductees) and 5 confirmed paying guests at this time.
  • Exec members who had not yet bought tickets confirmed attendance.
  • It was agreed that although our normal policy is not to actively sell tickets, we would increase our efforts through the week to ensure this event is a success.
  • Action: Kim to send out a reminder to the Exec to sell tickets
  • Concern raised that due to the late date in the President’s term, we only meet the President just before he/she moves out of the role. It was suggested that we have the President’s visit earlier in the year.
  • The timing of the visit is the same for all branches. To manage this, both the President and First Vice President attend, as usually the First Vice President takes over the President’s role the next term.

3. Annual General Meeting

  • Marc to provide an update.

4. Nominating Committee

  • The role of the Nominating Committee is to collect nominations and ensure qualifications
  • The only qualification limit is that the chair must have one year of experience on the executive
  • Anyone can nominate – contact the Nominating Committee (Kim, Mike, Rattan)

5. Council Meeting Update

  • Branch update in the PEGG – ours is coming up soon.
  • Branch website – minutes are not up to date.
  • Annual Conference – details are in the PEGG, social activities, CPD sessions, Summit Awards.
  • Paul to remind Bob G. and determine whether Syncrude will purchase tables this year.
  • Summit Award nominations have been set up to occur year round. Any nomination that occur after the deadline will be automatically included in the following year’s awards.
  • National Engineering Week – Science Olympics – will be at Discovery Centre either March 3 or 10. We will need volunteer judges.
  • Branch Manual – has been updated to include Budget Manual and Branch Manual as one.
  • Len Shrimpton is considering revamping the MIT seminars.
  • PEGASUS proposal – alliance between universities and APEGGA to provide online learning.
  • President’s Honourarium – this will be a membership-wide vote, it will occur at the same time as the council vote, but on a separate ballot.
  • Honourarium is proposed to be $40-60K in size.
  • APEGGA bylaws allow that if 30 members object to this vote being held, it could be cancelled.
  • Car Travel reimbursement has been raise to $0.40 per km.
  • CPD non-compliance – looking to rewrite bylaw to strike repeat offenders from register. All members will be reminded first.
  • Secondary Liability Insurance was raised again.

6. Other Business

  • MS (via MA) – it was noted that we did not micromanage events during the meeting and we should be commended.
  • SS (via MA) – we have been approached by the historical book society for a donation to a publication on Fort McMurray. MA to check branch bylaws and sponsorship guidelines.

7. Adjournment

  • Motion: MA, Second: PH. Status: carried.
  • Next Meeting: March 13, 2001. YMCA, room 189, or as communicated.