Fort McMurray Branch
Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, January 15, 2001

Room 189, Westwood YMCA
Fort McMurray, Alberta


Mitch Azmier Hassan Halepota
Kim Farwell Shannon Hardy
Dave Fudge Jamie Leblanc
Victoria Fudge Prakash Mullick
Rattan Garcha Jacob Oommachan
Paul Hagar Marc Riendeau
Mike Sneath

Swami Swaminathan

Peter Fisher, Greg Gaudet, Allyson Hadland, Andrey Pawelczak,

Jim Dawson, Gerry Lobb

1.0 Call to Order

2.0 Branch Chair Opening Remarks

3.0 Review and Acceptance of Previous Meeting Minutes
- Addition of PDH points in top corner.
- 2001 APEGGA membership fees are $185 and will include supplementary insurance.
- President's visit should read: two bottles of wine per table, table's choice of red or white.
- Minutes accepted. Motion: PM, Second: RG. Status: carried.

4.0 Personnel Update
- Jim Dawson has moved to Red Deer.
- Gerry Lobb has moved to Edmonton (780-992-4769w, 780-481-5525h)
- Paul Hagar will not be going to London before late spring, early summer
- Kim Nishikaze at head office has resigned. Chrys Dymitric is our new contact.

Decision to leave Vice Chair position vacant until election of new executive at AGM. Motion: PM, Second: SH. Status: carried.

5.0 Review of Action Log
- Action log was reviewed and updated.
- All events must have money settled with treasurer within the same month as the event.

6.0 President's Visit
- VIP list - either invite them all (not practical) or balance them out. Rattan to take this under advisement
- Events include: lunch at Extraction, Tour of Tailings, Dinner at Sawridge.
- As branch is covering event costs, loss will be larger than budget.
- Increase ticket price to $20. Motion: KF, Second: PM, Status: carried.
- Accept loss of about $2000 on event. Motion: MA, Second: JL, Status: carried.

7.0 Annual General Meeting
- Date is March 28
- Speaker suggestion: Leader from Fort Hills or Albion Sands
Nominating committee: Kim Farwell - chair, Mike Sneath, Rattan Garcha

8.0 Presidential Honourarium
-Read pamphlet and send comments to Paul by January 26th

9.0 CPD Seminar
-Reschedule for May.

10.0 MIT Seminar
Kim to organize for June.

11.0 Other Business
- PM: Congrats to Kim on P.Eng. Status. Expressed concern about Sue Evison's letter regarding the Mt. Logan name change; this is not an issue for APEGGA.
- MS: email aliases
- MA: events that did not take place, should reschedule (student night)
- VF: resigning from branch exec.
- SH: update from Allyson - Girl Guide Engineering badge, Student night in late Feb or Early March.

12.0 Adjournment