Fort McMurray Branch
Executive Meeting
Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, June 13, 2001
Annual Planning Session

YMCA, Westwood, Room 189
Fort McMurray, Alberta

Bruce Durnford, Kim Farwell, Paul Hagar, Prakash Mullick, Jamie LeBlanc, Trish Murison, Isabelle Ramsaran, Marc Riendeau, Mike Sneath

Mitch Azmier, Rattan Garcha, Hassan Halepota, Trish Murison, Isabelle Ramsaran, Andrey Pawelczak, Anne Simpson

Rattan Garcha, Jacob Oommachan,

1.0 Call to Order

2.0 Acceptance of Agenda

3.0 Acceptance of Minutes
Attachments were missing from May 16 Minutes. Minutes were amended accordingly and attachments will be submitted with June 13 minutes. Motion: PM, Second: PH.

4.0 Review of Action Log
Action log was updated. (Some current actions have since been added).

5.0 Upcoming Events
Social Night - October 4, MacDonald Island Pavilion. Attendees will be members, MIT's, non-members and students. Format will be informal. Ideas include a presentation, information booths, pamphlets. There will be a bar and snacks.

Trade Show Booth - will be manned by volunteers. Last weekend in September - this is good timing because most vacations are over. Booth rental is $400, plus transportation of information from APEGGA head office. (Note: since this meeting it was decided that that most appropriate venue was the Oilsands Technical Tradeshow on September 5, 6. The booth rental cost was significantly higher at $1700 plus other incidental costs. Head office agreed to send a representative to Fort McMurray.)

Teacher's Award Dinner - Anne is arranging this.

6.0 Review of Newsletter
The newsletter was almost complete. Edits and changes to be sent to Isabelle. Paul to send electronic photo from New Members Induction Ceremony from the President's Visit.

7.0 New Business
Article for PEGG - Mitch is writing an article for the PEGG on Fort McMurray. Input was given on the major engineering firms working out of Fort McMurray.

New Mentorship Volunteer needed as Trish Murison is resigning. Suggestion that we have a mentorship sign up list at the Social Night.

New branch manual will be available in June or July.

High School Awards (please see attached). Mike provided some new options for this year's high school awards program. It was discussed. Some of the key points mentioned include that the award is small at $50 or $75 dollars. By giving the award in both Grade 9 and 10, the same students are likely to win the award two years in a row. What is the purpose of the award? It is to give out as many awards as possible to raise the awareness of the students? Should we ask the recipients what they think? Motion to table this discussion until the July 13 meeting: KF, Second: MR. (Note: this was discussed again on the 13th and tabled until the September meeting).

8.0 Adjournment