Fort McMurray Branch
Executive Meeting
Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, May 16, 2001
Annual Planning Session

YMCA, Westwood, Room 189
Fort McMurray, Alberta

Mitch Azmier, Kim Farwell, Rattan Garcha, Paul Hagar, Hassan Halepota, Prakash Mullick, Jamie LeBlanc, Trish Murison, Jacob Oommachan, Isabelle Ramsaran, Mike Sneath

Bruce Durnford, Marc Riendeau, Anne Simpson

Andrey Pawelczak

1.0 Call to Order

2.0 Branch Chair Opening Remarks

3.0 Acceptance of Minutes
Meeting minutes were accepted with minor changes.

4.0 Branch Chair's Meeting Update
New Branch Manual - a living document, can be changed in Branch Chair's meeting except Bylaws and Terms of Reference, as this must go before Council. The new manual will be sent to the exec in June.

Branch Exec Orientation - June 9 tentative date, could be Edmonton or Calgary (Note: Date is June 16, location is Edmonton). Those whom have not previously attended are invited. Information will follow.

Summit Awards - can submit nominations throughout the year.

5.0 Council Meeting Update
Secondary Liability Insurance - plan to offer as a mandatory service to all Canadian Engineers, provides liability protection for engineering done outside of employer's policy, or if employer goes bankrupt. Mandatory policy is cheaper than voluntary policy.

Presidential Honourarium - passed, 16% of membership voted. Dale Miller will be receive the first honourarium. It will be about $44K.

PEGGasus - web-based learning through APEGGA, sponsored corporately and by federal and provincial gov'ts. Planned to be on-line January 2002.

Education Foundation - discussed having a representative from each branch. Concern is that expenses are not covered by APEGGA for travel etc. for Education Foundation. Possible that branches will have events to raise funds for the EF.
Email Forwarding Service - members have an that is accessible from anywhere, keep same address regardless of company. APEGGA is looking into this, but is concerned about the hardware cost for this service.

Bylaw change - council can now direct the Registrar to cancel registration of a professional member for lack of CPD compliance. Only to be used for chronic offenders as a last resort.

PEO Ontario - Ontario has copied the Law and Medical professions by instituting a second professional society (Ontario Society of Professional Engineers). The PEO will continue as the disciplinary society, and PESO will take responsibility for the advocacy of the profession.

Mobility Issues - Canadian engineers have a full professional mobility status with the state of Texas currently. Other mobility arrangements are being negotiated with the US. A mobility forum occurred the weekend following the AGM.

6.0 Review of Action Log
Action log was updated.

7.0 How to Run an Event
Mike Sneath presented a summary of how to run an event. This information is attached.

8.0 Review of Event Calendar and Acceptance of More Volunteers
The event calendar was updated. It is attached.

9.0 New Business
Ethics Test in Fort Mac - JL was interested if there were test dates scheduled in Fort McMurray. He was informed that there had been in the past but to double check dates with Head Office.
Event leads should ask for more volunteers if needed .

KF informed branch that Council was planning to discuss Relevance at the Annual Retreat, and to forward any comments to her to pass to Brenda Wright.
MS discussed stamping guidelines

10.0 Adjournment