Fort McMurray Branch
Executive Meeting
Meeting Minutes

October 17, 2001
Annual Planning Session

YMCA, Westwood, Room 189
Fort McMurray, Alberta

Mitch Azmier, Christophe Durieu, Kim Farwell, Paul Hagar, Kamal Hammad, Jacob Oommachan, Anne Simpson, Louise Michaud, Irfan Ahmad

Bruce Durnford, Rattan Garcha, Prakash Mullick, Mike Sneath

Hassan Halepota


1.0 Call to Order

2.0 Welcome new executive member
The group welcomed Louise Michaud to the branch.

3.0 Opening Remarks
Mitch updated the executive and welcomed everyone.

4.0 Acceptance of Agenda
Items were added under "New Business"

5.0 Acceptance of Minutes
The attendance list was corrected. Motion: PH, Second: CD, Status: carried

6.0 Review of Action Log
Action log was updated.

7.0 Upcoming Events
Newsletter - upcoming Newsletter to be reviewed next meeting

Student Awards: Kamal Hammad and Bruce Durnford will present awards.

CPD - the event will go ahead on November 15th, 2001.

Mentoring Program - We are still looking to set up a mentoring program similar to the design created by the Calgary Branch. The focus of this mentoring program is professional, not technical. Paul and Mitch to roll it out in 2002.

Wine and Cheese - Paul offered to assist Rattan with this event. Tuesday, November 20th.

8.0 Past Events
Tradeshow - Mitch mentioned that the trade show was a success since 60-80 registration packages were given to interested people. Mitch shared this news with council in Edmonton.

9.0 Outreach Update
The Science Alberta Festival will take place in June 2002. Anne is involved in the organization of this event. More information will be available at next meeting.

10.0 Other Technical Seminars
· Jacob will look into arranging a Fluor sponsored seminar for end of January 2002.
· Kim will contact CIM to see if they want to support our future seminar effort

11.0 New Business
Executive Service Awards - in the past, awards have been given out to individuals who have served as a member of the local branch executive for six years. There are several members who qualify. Is head office aware? Paul, Rattan, Prakash and Mitch are near (or above) six years of service.

Recruitment of New Exec Members - Does APEGGA have suggestions? Ideas were brainstormed at the Executive Orientation session with Wendy Doughty. We will spend 5 minutes at the next meeting reviewing this.

12.0 Adjournment