Lethbridge Branch Meeting Minutes

November 8, 2000
5:30 pm
Stantec - #290, 220-4th Street South
[Chancery Court Building)


Elisabeth Van Mill, Rod MacLean, Becki Stewart, Adam McDonald, Terry Hood

I. Report from Chair

    • 2 scholarships given out (Winston Churchill High School)
    • Each recipient got 7 total awards
    • Should we consider additional criteria? – for further consideration

II. Report from Treasurer

    • Luncheon was a success, (more or less)
    • After paying travel expense for Len Shrimpton the net loss was $170
    • November and December lunches should cover these losses

III. Review / Comments on First Meeting

    • Consensus was that food was good, price was acceptable, reasonable attendance
    • APEGGA Toastmasters Group
    • Will ask for further interest at November meeting
    • Further advertisement in December newsletter
    • Discuss further at future meetings

IV. Branch Website Update

    • Executive minutes to be added to site
    • Secretary needs to be harassed regularly until they are done
    • Goal is the Friday after executive meeting

V. Update on 2000/2001 Schedule

    • Next executive meeting Dec 13, 14, 12, 13, 5:30, location TBA
    • set dates for next two lunch meetings
    • November 23, Mayor Magrath Drive Update, Mark Bellamy, P.Eng.
    • December 13, Picture Butte Membrane Filtration Plant, Andy Barr, P.Eng.

VI.Event Planning:

PD Day I

    • What is the topic? When is it? Who will organize it?…. further discussion required

President’s Visit

    • John Take has volunteered to take care of this event, date and location, as well as cost to be confirmed at a future date, advertise in December

MIT Development Day

    • What is the topic? When is it? Who will organize it?…. further discussion required
    • Include Medicine Hat branch in discussion?

Branch AGM

    • part of Presidents visit

National Engineering Week

    • Format to be "Engineering Challenge", between the four high schools within Lethbridge
    • Adam McDonald is working feverishly on this
    • Volunteer list is growing ever so slowly
    • Scope of the competition will depend on the enthusiasm of the participating schools
    • Initial budget $600.00

VII. Life Member Awards

    • Barry Thomas Beswick, P.Geol. has been granted life membership
    • To be honored at Presidents visit
      • Will be presented with pin and branch will pay for his meal

VIII. Upcoming Career Fairs – Claresholm / Crowsnest Pass

    • Claresholm, Dec 6 –Adam McDonald volunteered? to be there at 5:30-9:30pm. need a booth, presentation, will arrange at later date
    • Crowsnest Pass, Dec 7 – no one will go to this one
IX. Branch Roster Updates
    • Ongoing, remove members who can’t or don’t want to be contacted
X. Other Business
    • None