Peace River Branch
Meeting Minutes

Thursday, December 7, 2000

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:45 pm
The Focus Corporation Limited, Grande Prairie
Recorder: Sylvain Cadieux
Report Date: February 21, 2001


Dan Ropchan - Chairman - Danette Electronic Engineering Services Inc.
Heidi Yang - Vice Chairman - Weyerhaeuser
Sylvain Cadieux - Secretary - Focus Intec
John Lehners - Beairsto Stewart Weir Engineering
Cheri Berns - Treasurer - Mcelhanney Land Surveys Ltd.
Lisa Hall - Member - Weyerhaeuser

1.1 Meeting Call to Order (Action by Dan)

1.2 Adoption of Agenda. Moved by John and 2nd by Heidi. (Action by Dan)

1.3 Adoption of November 2, 2000 Minutes. Moved by Cheri and 2nd by Lisa. (Action by Dan)

1.4 No new business arise from the November 2, 2000 Minutes.

1.5 Guest speaker to make a technical speech of the Dunvegan Dam Project in January 2001. It was moved by John and 2nd by Cheri for APEGGA to pay for the speaker's transportation from Calgary. (Estimated $400) The Dinner/Technical night is to be opened to the general public. Advertising to be placed in Herald Tribune and Fairview Post. Time and place of event to announced. (Action by Dan)

1.6 The President's visit is scheduled for March 13, 2001. The President is to have breakfast in Whitecourt, lunch in Peace River and dinner in Grande Prairie. This is to be a high profile visit. Dignitaries, such as the mayor, MLA ect. are to be invited to meet the president. Dan is to organize the Peace River lunch and Lisa the Grande Prairie Dinner. The GP dinner is also to include the induction ceremony.

We are to ask Bert if he wishes to have the president go to the College to speak to the engineering students. A scheduled would then have to be presented or requested 6 weeks prior to March 13. (Action by Lisa & Dan)

1.7 Treasurer reported that the November 2 Student Night event raised $600. The event cost $1000. A $400 budget was achieved. (Action by Cheri)

1.8 It was agreed that the APEGGA account be transferred to the IGA Plaza location. It was found that the existing branch downtown had significantly decreased hours of operations thereby making it difficult to make transactions. Moved by John and 2nd by Heidi. (Action by Heidi)

1.9 Outreach Coordinator announced that National Engineering Week is to be from March 3 to the 11th, 2001. Events of interest that were discussed are:
a) Science Olympics
b) Science Night
c) Provincial School Challenges
d) Workplace Challenges
Heidi is to see if outreach volunteers are willing to create a committee. All four events will only be done if a committee is formed. Event a) and c) are to be organized with or without a committee. Heidi is to see if event d) could be integrated with event a). (Action by Heidi)

2.0 Executive members briefed on events of last council meeting. See "" for minutes of the Council Meeting September 21, 2000 - Medicine Hat . Some highlights of discussion are: (action by Dan)
a) Executive orientation program to be only available to new members.
b) Peace River Branch to have article for the PEG submitted on February 15, 2001.
c) Branch Manual and Budget Manual are now combined and will be available by the 2nd quarter of 2001.
d) Supplementary Professional Liabilty Insurance now included to APPEGA members. Next years membership fee increase will include $6 for this Insurance.
e) Presidential Honorarium Proposal. It is being considered to pay the past, present and future presidents approximately $50,000 / year. Executive members are encouraged to email to the attention of Darrel Danyluk at and provide comments to this proposal. (Action by Executive Members)

2.1 John is currently searching for support to introduce the opportunity to bring a Regional Science Center to the City of Grande Prairie. He is currently meeting with various dignitaries to see about getting funds of approximately $80,000 to complete a Feasibility Study. John approached the APEGGA executive members and requested whatever support, which may be available. At this time Dan has accepted to write a letter on behalf of APEGGA. Subjects to be included in this letter have not been discussed at this time. John will be informing the branch as to the status of the project. (Action by John)

2.2 Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.