Peace River Branch
Meeting Minutes

Thursday, February 15, 2001

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:45 pm
The Focus Corporation Limited, Grande Prairie
Recorder: Sylvain Cadieux
Report Date: February 21, 2001


Dan Ropchan - Chairman - Danette Electronic Engineering Services Inc.
Heidi Yang - Vice Chairman - Weyerhaeuser
Sylvain Cadieux - Secretary - Focus Intec
Jim Davis - Member - Davis Engineering
Cheri Berns - Treasurer - Mcelhanney Land Surveys Ltd.
Lisa Hall - Member - Weyerhaeuser

Note: if any of the contents of this meeting report differ in any respect from your own recollection of the points discussed or decisions reached, please notify me immediately.

1.1 Meeting Call to Order (Action by Dan)

1.2 Adoption of Agenda. National Engineering Week added to item 6. A.I.A. and ASET added to item 7. Budget for Science Fair also added to item 7.
Moved by Sylvain and 2nd by Lisa. (Action by Dan)

1.3 Adoption of December 7, 2000 Minutes. Moved by Heidi and 2nd by Cheri. (Action by Dan)

1.4 No new business arise from the December 7, 2000 Minutes.

1.5 President's honorarium discussed at last council meeting. Since decision could not be reached, it was decided for head office to send out ballots to vote on this. (Action by Dan)

1.6 Our branch is submitting an article to be posted in the PEGG on the next issue. We are commended on being the first to submit an engineering related topic. (Action by Lisa & Dan)

1.7 APEGGA account has been transferred to the IGA Plaza location. (Action by Dan)

Jim moved that we have our account name changed from "The Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta - Peace River Branch" to "APEGGA - Peace River Branch". It was 2nd by Lisa and carried.

Dan already signed for signing authority. Cheri and Heidi are to also sign ASAP for signing authority. (Action by Cheri and Heidi)

These minutes have been email to Belinda Basisty at the Alberta Treasury Branch. (Action by Sylvain)

Our current account has service charges. Heidi moved that we change our account type to a "Committee Spirit Account", which does not have service charges. It was moved by Jim and the motion was carried. (Action by Dan)

Cancelled cheques are to be mailed to our Treasurer, Cheri Berns at 8923 - 104 Avenue, Grande Prairie, Alberta T8X 1E7

1.8 Is it required that the minutes show ratifying of payments? (eg. Item 1.9) This is to be tabled until the next meeting. Dan is to approach head office and ask if this is a requirement. (Action by Dan)

1.9 Dan gave an invoice from Canadian Hydro to Cheri. Jim moved that it be paid, Heidi 2nd, and it was carried. (Action by Cheri)

2.0 Schedule of the President's visit:
Peace River
- Lunch at Travelers Motor Hotel. Teachers to be honored.

Grande Prairie
- Steak and Lobster Tail dinner at the GP Inn. (location to be confirmed)
- Head office to send invitations. Lisa and Dan to submit information to head office. (Action by Lisa and Dan)
- Lisa to call and confirm attendance of 5 inductees. (Action by Lisa)
- All members of A.I.A. & ASET to be invited. (Fee to be same as members)

2.1 Council found mentoring program to be unsuccessful. Not recommended. (Action by Dan)

2.2 Darwin is to be notified that ASET whishes to get together and plan a spring golf tournament. (Action by Dan)

2.3 Bert to be notified that Ski Trip is to be coordinated with AIA & ASET. (Action by Dan)

2.4 Executive members ask to approach possible candidates before April AGM.

2.5 2000/2001 account books to be audited by Sylvain and Dan on February 26, 2001 at 5:30pm at the Focus office. (Action by Dan, Cheri & Sylvain)

2.6 Heidi moved that the Regional Science Fair budget remain the same as last year's. Lisa 2nd, and it was carried. (Action by Dan)

2.7 Career Expo was a success. Many volunteers are to attend Science Olympics during National Engineering Week. Sponsor contributed $2,700. It was suggested that Jeanne Kearschuk be sent flowers to thank her for all her work organizing this event with Heidi. (Action by Heidi)

2.8 The last event revenue was $555. Head office provided an advance of $2,000 recently. It was found at the last event that The Golden Inn rates are lower than the Trumpeter's. (Action by Cheri)

2.9 Date of next meeting to be announced. (Action by Dan)