Peace River Branch
Meeting Minutes

November 13, 2001
The Focus Corporation Limited,
10070 - 117 Ave
Grande Prairie, AB T0H 0W0


Sylvain Cadieux, Secretary
Cheri Berns, Treasurer
Bert Hunt, College Liaison
Heidi Yang, Chairman
Hasan Rizvi, Member at Large
Darwin Juell, Member at Large
Jim Davis, Member at Large


Lisa Hall, Vice Chair
John Lehners, Member at Large
Brian Morrison, Member at Large
Jason Firmrite, Member at Large
Trent McLaughlin, Outreach Coordinator
Dan Ropchan, Past Chair


The meeting commenced at 7:05 p.m.


New business for the agenda of November 13, 2001 meeting is as follows:

A. Scholarships in Grande Prairie.
B. Free drink to professional member involved in the Job Shadow Program.
C. Transportation of members from High Level to Grand Prairie for events.
D. February Article in PEGG
E. GP Visit dinner and PR Luncheon
F. October Event - Science Night
G. Upcoming Event - Student Night
H. Business Plan Review
I. Ainsworth Tour

Agenda accepted and moved by Darwin and 2nd by Hasan.


The following items are to be changed on the minutes of October 2, 2001:

· Section 4.5 - President's visit is to be on March 13, 2002.
· Section 4.6 - Hasan has informed that the Risley Tour was successful. Attendance was however low.

The October 2, 2001 minutes have been accepted as revised and moved by Sylvain and 2nd by Heidi.


4.1 Scholarships in Grande Prairie

Bert is working on this himself with the College. Heidi is to inform Len Shrimpton of Bert's intents.

4.2 Free drink to professional member involved in the Job Shadow Program.

Instead of a drink, how about getting a picture taken of shadow volunteers and put in PEGG with a small write up. The motion was moved by Bert and 2nd by Jim.

4.3 Transportation of members from High Level to Grande Prairie for events

It was earlier decided in a past meeting that we could give money to volunteers to get an event happening in another town.

4.4 February Article in PEGG

A. "Twinning of Highway to Grande Prairie" is to be written by a freelance reporter, April Weavell.
B. Lisa will write an article on the "Co-gen Project" here in Grande Prairie. Darwin is to give Lisa contact information.

4.5 GP Visit dinner and PR Luncheon

The proposed date the president is to visit is on March 13, 2002. Lisa is to organise the G.P. Dinner, and Dan will organise the Peace River lunch. Grant Colin won the teacher's award and Dan will be acknowledging Grant at the Peace River function.

4.6 October Event - Science Night

The Outreach event held on Monday, October 29, 2001 at the Parkside Elementary School was a success. Over 100 students not including parents attended. Darryl Grist from High Level attended this function. Darryl has shown interest to do a function like this in High Level. Hasan will get some photos taken by Daily Herald Tribune. Two articles were published in the Daily Herald Tribune.

4.7 Upcoming Event - Student Night

Bert is to iron out the budget with Jason. Bert and Jason are to work with a budget of $400.00. They will present their budget at the next meeting. There will be no event for November. Student night and Job Shadow event is tentatively scheduled for February 2002.

4.8 Business Plan Review

See the attached revised copy of the Business Plan.

A. Outreach workshop is not being done as per B.P.
B. 1.2.c) Not Dan but John for Tech night. Tech Night- Industrial Technology. John's Budget - $350.00
C. 2.1 - Mentoring as previously mentioned at previous meeting is still slow.
D. Wine tasting
- hoping for an off work night event (eg. Fri or Sat. night)
- Heidi to give Sylvain another contact for past Wine Tasting event.
E. Student Function - It is to be named "Student Social" Bert is to consider deleting this event and putting the funds towards the Student Night / Job Shadow event.
F. Heidi is to have the Newsletter to go out before Christmas.
G. Event Calendar revised. See attached.

4.9 Ainsworth Tour

Sylvain was the only Engineer to attend this ASET event. Approximately 30 people showed up. Drinks were provided at AutoPro after the Tour. Interesting tour of an OSB Plant.


The next meeting is to be the Executive Recognition Night. It is to be held on Tuesday, December 4th, 2001 at 6:00 p.m. in the Golden Star. Please RSVP before December 1 with Heidi.


Jim moved to adjourn the meeting