Peace River Branch
Meeting Minutes

Thursday, October 2, 2001

The Focus Corporation Limited, 10070 - 117 Ave
Grande Prairie, AB T0H 0W0
Recorder: Sylvain Cadieux
Report Date: October 2, 2001

Lisa Hall, Vice Chairman
Sylvain Cadieux, Secretary
Cheri Berns, Treasurer
Trent McLaughlin, Outreach Co-ordinator
Bert Hunt, College Liaison

Heidi Yang, Chairman
Hasan Rizvi, Member at Large
Jason Fimrite, Member at Large
Darwin Juell, Member at Large
John Lehners, Member at Large
Jim Davis, Member at Large
Brian Morrison, Member at Large


The meeting commenced at 7:05 p.m.


Agenda for October 2nd, 2001 meeting is as follows:

1. Review last meeting minutes.
2. September Council Meeting
3. Alberta Branch Chair's Meeting
4. APEGGA Education Foundation
5. February Article in PEGG
6. President's Visit
7. September Event - Risley Tour
8. Budget

Added the following to the agenda:

9. Email List
10. Outreach Program

The agenda was approved as revised by Bert and 2nd by Cheri.


Minutes read and accepted as read by Cheri and 2nd by Trent. New format was acceptable to all present.


4.1 September Council Meeting

A. Advocacy - Member interest is the focus.
B. Software Engineering Agreement - A.U.C.C. has decided not to ratify the agreement to create a joint accreditation board for software engineering.
C. Business Plan - To be revised.
D. Mentoring - $10,000 was approved to support program development.
E. Millennium Scholarship - Approved as per guideline.
F. Joint Board Practice - Between APEGGA & AAA.
G. Temporary Letter of Authorization - will be discontinued until the legislation can be amended.

4.2 Alberta Branch Chair's Meeting

A. Manual Completed.
B. Business Plans / Budgets - Only 2 Business Plans and 3 Budgets submitted and approved out of the 9 branches. We have submitted both.
C. PEGG Article - GP to submit February Article by January 15.
D. Executive Orientation - Mixer the evening before orientation suggested.
E. President's Visit - Tentative March 12-15, 2002.
F. Next Council Meeting - Calgary, but Grande Prairie will host the Sept 2002 meeting due to recent cancellation.
G. PEGGASUS - Online learning marketplace. Approval for funding pending from the Federal and Provincial Governments
H. Mentoring Program - Council to discuss financial support. If approved, article to appear in next PEGG.
I. Permit to Practice Seminar - To be attended by at least 1 responsible member every 5 years. Seminars will commence in 2002.
J. P.D. Day - November 21 in Edmonton and November 27 in Calgary.
K. APEGGA Education Foundation - A representative required from each branch.
L. Fort Mc.Murray had booth in Oil Sand Trade Fair - Many people asked about licensure and were given application packages.

4.3 APEGGA Education Foundation

Bert Hunt volunteered to be the contact person. Sylvain moved the motion and was seconded by Lisa.

4.4 February Article in PEGG

The following topics were suggested:
A. Twinning of Highway from Edmonton to Grande Prairie.
B. Alberta Transportation and Utilities
C. OSB Plant in High Level
D. Canfor incinerator
E. Grande Prairie Cogenerator Project
F. Risley Tour

Lisa has volunteered to write the article. She will conduct some research for the combined suggestion of "A" and "B". Trent is to provide Lisa with some contact information.

4.5 President's Visit

Tentatively set for March 12-15, 2002. Plan to have the same schedule as this year's event. Lunch in Peace River and supper in Grande Prairie for Wednesday, March 13, 2002 (Note change).

4.6 September Event - Risley Tour

Hasan not present to present topic. Bert attended event and said it was very interesting. Had hoped that it could have been longer. Disappointingly, not too many people had showed up for event.

4.7 Budget

Len Shrimpton accepted our proposed budget. However, he did ask how we would have a $500 balance in the account in January of 2002 while we currently have $2,400. We estimated that after the 2001 events the balance would be $1,500 in January.

4.8 Email List

Each executive member is to update his or her highlighted section of the list. (e.g. Current member address, telephone number, email address, ect.)

4.9 Outreach Program

Trent announced that an Outreach event would be held on Monday, October 29, 2001 at the Parkside Elementary School. Heidi is to contact Lacey with ASET to see if any ASET members would like to volunteer. It was suggested that Halloween be the theme for this event.


Next meeting to be held on Tuesday, November 6th, 2001 at 7:00 p.m in the Focus boardroom. .


Trent moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 p.m.