Peace River Branch
Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, January 8, 2002
The Focus Building, Grande Prairie


Heidi Yang - Chairman  
Sylvain Cadieux - Secretary  
Cheri Berns - Treasurer  
Jim Davis, Member at Large  
Trent McLaughlin, Outreach Coordinator  
Hasan Rizvi, Member at Large  


Lisa Hall, Vice Chair
Bert Hunt, College Liaison
John Lehners, Member at Large
Darwin Juell, Member at Large
Brian Morrison, Member at Large
Jason Firmrite, Member at Large
Dan Ropchan, Past Chair


    The meeting commenced at 7:05 p.m.


New business for the agenda of January 8, 2002 meeting is as follows:

    A. Confirmation of Presidents Visit.
    B. January Wine Tasting Event.
    C. February Technical Talk.
    D. Review Calendar of Events.
    E. PEGG Article.
    F. Account Audit for 2001 Year.

The agenda have been revised by Cheri to include item F. and was accepted and moved by Hasan and 2nd by Jim.


The December 4, 2001 minutes have been accepted as written and moved by Hasan and 2nd by Jim.


4.1 Confirmation of Presidents Visit

President wants to have lunch with Branch executive members on March 6th. Heidi will see about getting the room at Hammer Head for this lunch. Heidi will talk to Darwin about giving the president a tour/meeting of City representatives. Cocktails and dinner will follow that day.

The president is to have lunch at Peace River on March 7. Dan is to invite Teacher from Manning who won the Teacher’s award to the Peace River lunch. Heidi will see about the president touring the D.M.I. facility.

Possible topic the president could discuss is as follows:

    • "PEGUSES Computer Program"
    • "Sept. 11 event – Has it affected APEGGA?"
    • "APEGGA the structure"
    • "President Salary – where is extra fees going?"
    • "Value of APEGGA Membership"
Heidi is to discuss with president and come up with topic.

4.2 January Wine Tasting Event

Flyer is currently being mailed out to members with the branch newsletter. An email blitz is to be sent out a week prior to the event by Shirley. Location changed from the Trumpeter to the Cooper Restaurant. The original budget emailed before the holidays remains the same. Sylvain is to email the flyer notice tomorrow to Lacey deKoc to invite ASET members to this event.

4.3 February Technical Talk

Heidi is to find out from John what the plan and budget is for this event. Topic is "Industrial Ecology". Budget increase for this event is to be determined.

4.4 Review Calendar of Events

Revised copy of Calendar of Events is attached.

4.5 PEGG Article

Lisa has written an article on the "Risley Facility". Hasan is to see about submitting a picture to Shirley to attach to the article.

4.6 Account Audit for 2001 Year

Jim, Heidi and Cheri are to meet on January 17 at 7:30 pm at Heidi’s house to get the 2001 Audit completed.


    The next meeting is to be at the Focus building on Tuesday, February 5th, 2002 at 7:00 p.m.


Heidi moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:00 p.m., Cheri 2nd the motion.