Peace River Branch
Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, June 25 , 2002
The Focus Building, Grande Prairie



Lisa Hall, Chair
Sylvain Cadieux, Treasurer
Hasan Rizvi, Secretary
Heidi Yang, Past-Chair
Darwin Juell, Member at Large
Bert Hunt, College Liaison
Trent McLaughlin, Outreach Coordinator, On-phone
Jim Davis, Member at Large
David Lario, Member at Large


Cheri Berns, Vice Chair
Jason Firmrite, Member at Large
Dan Ropchan, Member at Large
Darell Quist, Member at Large


    The meeting commenced at 7:05 p.m.


New business for the agenda of June 25, 2002 meeting is as follows:
  • Welcome & Introduce new executive
  • PEGG Branch Article
  • Executive Meeting Schedule
  • Teacher Awards
  • Business Plan / Schedule of events review
  • Strategy for Budget preparation
  • Science Olympic
  • Event Planning

- July 13th Golf Tournament
- Fall Council Meeting
- Fall PD Day

The agenda have been revised by Heidi to include Item G, Science Olympic. It was then moved by Darwin and seconded by Heidi for approval.


    The AGM minutes have been accepted as the write up written by Lisa and moved by Sylvain and seconded by Bert.


    4.1 Welcome & Introduce new executive.

      Each individual present in the meeting, introduced himself/herself to each other. The new executive is as stated:


      Lisa Hall

      Members at Large:


      Vice Chair

      Cheri Berns


      Jim Davis


      Sylvain Cadieux


      Jason Fimrite


      Hasan Rizvi


      Darwin Juell

      Outreach Coordinator

      Trent McLaughlin


      Darrell Quist

      Past Chair

      Heidi Yang


      David Lario

      College Liaison

      Bert Hunt


      Dan Ropchan

      Sylvain and Lisa will coordinate to update Treasury Branch record for signing authority in behalf of Branch office.

    4.2 PEGG Branch Article

It was unanimously decided to highlights the discovery of Dinosaur Fossils in the proposed article. The article should emphasise the importance of the area from Grande Cache to Grand Prairie in an historical background related to this discovery. Heidi and Bert will work on the article. GPRC also is planning to unveil the Fossil in August. Submission date for the article is October 15th/02.

    4.3 Executive Meeting Schedule

General consensus was found for the proposal of Executive Meeting dates, time and location as suggested by Lisa. It was concluded that all meetings would be held on 1st Tuesday of the month at 7pm at the Focus Office.

4.4 Teacher Awards

Discussion was held on the pros and cons of the recognition announcement date and the awarding ceremony, which normally held after 6-7 months. Lisa suggested having ceremony just following the announcement in any coming activity. Darwin favoured her. But Bert had a view that there is no harm to recognise twice. It gives better feeling to the candidate. House then agreed to invite the Award recipient along with his/her family for the coming Golf Tournament and to pay for their ticket and dinner. Expenses will be forwarded to APEGGA office, attention Sherrell Steele (highlighting it is for Teacher Recognition).

    4.5 Business Plan / Schedule of events review

Lisa explained the business plan she had developed. Members were pleased with the organisation and presentation of the Business Plan. Business Plan and the Calendar of events were approved with the following amendments.

      4.5.1 August event. Science Alberta Festival on 17 August. Trent McLaughlin will organise the event. Will collect the related info.

      4.5.2 Wine testing event moved to February.

      4.5.3 Technical Night moved to January, Darwin will organise the event.

      4.5.4 Science Olympic will be organised in March and Heidi will look after the activity.

      4.5.5 High Level is added as probable venue for President visit and Lunch.

      4.5.6 Explore option of working with High Level Representative Darrell Quist on holding a field trip.

      4.5.7 Under Goal #1, Educational Kit, Teacher awards and Geo-Science night bullets were removed.

      4.5.8 Under Goal #2 Probable Topics for the Technical Night were discussed. Darwin will move forward with topic A.

      a. Infrastructure growth and development around Grande Prairie.

      b. Dinosaur Discovery in the Pipestone Area (future potential).

      4.5.9 Under Goal #3: General consensus was found to combine Branch AGM with big event in order to ensure more attendance by members. It was also decide to have three newsletters in a year.

    4.6 Strategy for Budget preparation

      Darwin suggested some fund allocation for the golf tournament prizes, i.e. Shirts etc. He suggested 250 dollar for the next year and 100-250 for this year if budget allows. We will request Cheri to look into the provision for this year. Darwin moved the motion, seconded by Bert and accepted by all.

    4.7 Science Olympic

Heidi explained about the concept of Science Olympic and some confusion which needed attention from APEGGA head-office. Her concern was to know the actual standing of APEGGA in the matter. Is APEGGA a fully sponsored of the event or is one of the sponsor or just want their member to play as facilitator of the event. Lisa will gathered some info in this regard.



5.1 July 13th Golf Tournament

Golf Tournament is going to be held as scheduled, Members are informed by flyer and by e-mails too. Darwin requested every member to participate.

    5.2 Fall Council Meeting

Lisa emphasised everyone to attend the coming Council Meeting on 13th Sept. 2002 in Grande Prairie.

5.3 Fall PD Day

Tentative date for the PD Day was suggested for Oct. 18th, 2002.


The next meeting is plan for August 6th, 2002.


David moved to adjourn the meeting, Jim seconded the motion.