Vermilion Branch
Meeting Minutes

August 30, 2000

6:30 p.m.
Husky MOB - 2nd Floor Meeting Room

Members Present: Trent Cherry, Sloane Dieken, Greg Calpas, D'Arcy Wooldridge, Scott
Arndt, Sheldon Stark, Louis Brisson, Kathryn Cramer, Jim Zeibin,
Grace Satre

Members Absent: Barry Ranger, Jim Sweeney, Kevin Thomas

Minutes Prepared by: Grace Satre

1. Call to order - 6:50pm

2. Approval of agenda - no additions or deletions

3. Reading and approval of minutes of May 18, 2000 meeting - all

4. Committee Reports

a) Student outreach - Kitscoty Junior High, Sept 1 - Grace

b) Teacher award - Viking - Scott

c) Nominations - no update - Barry

d) Meetings - schedule set through 2001. Re-issue to everyone to confirm dates - Kathryn

e) Professional development - no update - Kevin

f) Membership database - work has commenced. Will start contacting members for data clarification. Executive member offered assistance to Louis as needed. - Louis

g) Newsletter - no update. Outcome of June's golf tournament will be reported in Fall's newsletter - Greg

h) ASET/SASST/APEGS Liason - no additional information from groups. Will try to obtain event schedules - D'arcy

i) Program for 2000/2001

i. Fall Tech Presentation (Oct 20 - Nov 10) - Syncrude by Bob Gardshour Senior Manager - Greg

ii. Spring Tour (April/May)

Few ideas were presented. Each responsible person is to contact the places, determine if the facility process will interest members and determine maximum number of visitors.

- Brewery - Sloane
- ADM - Trent
- Cold Lake Base - Louis
- Saskatoon Potash - Kathryn via Coreena
- Lindberg salt mine - Sloane
- Millar Western Pulp Mill - Scott

iii. PD Day (March) - Kevin

iv. Tech Presentation at PD Day (March) - Kevin / Sloane

Few ideas were presented:

- Offshore oil
- Aeronautical engineering
- Beer tasting - Greg / Sloane

v. Golf Tournament (June) - Scott

j) Treasurer report

- June 2000 golf tournament door prize expenses were settled by Greg.

- Current finance status
· Bank balance $2,710.42
· Petty Cash $ 37.00
· No disbursements from APEGGA.

- Sloane prepared and issued statements for the following:
· AGM function $(228.25)
· PD Day $245.17
· Golf Tournament $ 79.00

- Suggestion was made that champion of each function prepare the financial statements for the event. Still under discussion. - All

5. Old Business

a) Golf Tournament - Shot gun approach works well and fits for 36 people minimum. 1:00pm is a good start time. Vermilion course is nice; may consider Mannville course or other. ASET support helped; there were approximately 25% non-APEGGA members.

b) Branch Manual - Review Section 2 - All

c) Student Outreach - Jim S. / Jim Z.
Find out more information on "school kits" from APEGGA's office - Trent

d) Mission Statement - Oct 11 meeting - Trent

6. New Business

a) Business plan was reviewed. Will be issued at next meeting. - Trent

b) Check on mileage compensation for executives - Trent

c) Need new logo for more plaques - Sloane

d) School awareness program

- Compile list of schools and contacts within Lloydminster - Jim Zeibin
- Compile list of schools and contacts in local rural region - Sloane

e) Media contact - Grace. APEGGA office can provide support.

f) Mentor program - to be mentioned in Fall's newsletter - Greg

g) Budget - Sloane

7. Next Meeting - Oct 11 2000, Wednesday

8. Adjournment