Vermilion Branch
Meeting Minutes

November 27, 2000

6:30 p.m.
Husky MOB - 2nd Floor Meeting Room

Members Present: Trent Cherry, Greg Calpas, D'Arcy Wooldridge, Kevin Thomas,
Sheldon Stark, Jim Zeibin, Grace Satre

Members Absent: Louis Brisson, Jim Sweeney, Sloane Dieken, Scott Arndt, Barry Ranger

Minutes Prepared by: Grace Satre

1. Call to order - 6:40pm

2. Approval of agenda - no additions or deletions

3. Reading and approval of minutes of October 19, 2000 meeting - all

4. Committee Reports

a) Student outreach - Sheldon presented award at Paradise Valley to Grade 9 student

b) Teacher award - No info yet on 2001 Teacher awards. Budget is $250 for expenses incurred. May consider limited number of executives to travel to Vegreville to present the award or inviting the teacher to 2001 AGM meeting in Lloydminster to receive the award. - Sloane

c) Nominations - If you are interested in a position, please inform Trent. Recommended that an individual hold position for minimum 2 years. - Trent

d) Professional development - ASET and APEGS contacts offered help in topic selection. Recommend two presentations in afternoon with dinner presentation in Feb/Mar. - Kevin w/Sheldon and Scott

e) Membership database - No new status; need to split up and contact all individuals. - Louis

f) Newsletter - Fall newsletter was good. Four winners for quiz; 1st response was Darrel Howell. Next newsletter to be issued in Jan 2001. - Greg

g) ASET/SASST/APEGS Liason - Tours for 2001 not finalized. - D'arcy

h) Treasurer Report - Not available

  Program for 2000/2001

Fall Tech Presentation: Nov 29 Confirmed with Bob Gardshour of
Syncrude Canada Ltd. Three gifts will be given to Bob.

Spring Tours:

  • Brewery (Sloane)
  • ADM: (Trent) - Yes interested for 15 people. Will be more involved in future events.
  • Cold Lake Base (Louis)
  • Saskatoon Potash (Kathryn via Coreena)
  • Combine with ASET
  • Lindbergh Salt Mine (Sloane)
  • Millar Western Pulp Mill (Scott)
  • Imperial Oil Cold Lake (Trent) - Lakeland branch was going to have a fall tour but have postponed until spring (tentatively April) to allow us to participate.

PD Day Tech Presentation: (Kevin/Sloane)

Offshore Oil - Scott to check out.
Aeronautical Engineering
Beer Tasting - Greg/Sloane to try to get hold of a brewmaster.

5. Old Business

a) Branch Manual - Goals are in branch's business plan. They will be reviewed with new executives at first meeting after the AGM meeting. - All

b) Student Outreach - Jim S.
APEGGA kits information was sent out via email.

c) Mission Statement - Require a few more signatures to finalize. - Trent

d) Business Plan -
- Recommend that some executives prepare to be mentors. If interested, contact Trent.
- Discussed a "member in training" night. No action at this time.
- President's visit - no charge to life members
- President's visit - set up a president/permit holder forum - Greg/Trent/Grace
- AGM meeting - include Lloyd dignitaries

e) Logo for more plaques - no report - Sloane

f) School Awareness Program - Jim Z. still working on list of contacts within Lloyd. - Jim Z. / Sloane

g) Media contact - Get a news release from APEGGA for upcoming AGM meeting - Grace

h) National Engineering week - Greg

6. New Business

a) Presidential honorarium - Brochure was issued to attendees. An informal vote amongst attendees showed majority "yes". A flipchart tallying Yes / No votes will be put up at Nov 29 dinner presentation.

b) Minutes for Branch council meeting held on Nov 22/23 will be issued. - Trent

Highlights were:

- Website for APEGGA - Minutes for our executive meetings are to be sent to APEGGA, Edmonton's office for website display. Event pictures are being requested for the website.

- The annual APEGGA meeting will be in Edmonton April 25/26/27. There will be 30 topics presented. One executive member and branch chair are covered for attendance under the budget. If interested, please reply by Mar 31 - All / Trent

- Branch and budget manual to be combined as one document.

- Ads are going to be developed for APEGGA.

- Encourage APEGGA members to use P. Eng more often to promote association.

- Upcoming changes in permit to practice

7. Next Meeting - Jan 10 2001, Wednesday

8. Adjournment