Vermilion Branch
Meeting Minutes

October 19, 2000

6:30 p.m.
Husky MOB - 2nd Floor Meeting Room

Members Present: Greg Calpas, D'Arcy Wooldridge, Scott Arndt, Sheldon Stark, Kevin Thomas, Jim Zeibin

Members Absent: Trent Cherry, Sloane Dieken, Loius Brisson, Kathryn Cramer, Barry Ranger, Jim Sweeney, Grace Satre.

Minutes Prepared by: Jim Zeibin

1. Call to order - 6:50pm

2. Approval of agenda - no additions or deletions

3. Reading and approval of minutes of August 30, 2000 meeting - all

4. Committee Reports

a) Student Outreach - Kitscoty Junior High Sept 1. Overall it went well - Grace.
Paradise Valley - Postponed due to teacher lockout - Sheldon. No info re: future awards nights.
Plaques remaining ______ - Sloane

b) Teacher Award - Viking Teacher lives in Tofield and commutes each day. Dinner to be held in the future - Scott; Need to check with Sloane regarding second teacher award.

c) Nominations - no update Barry

d) Meetings - Meeting in November to be discussed at end of meeting.

e) Professional Development ASET offered finances and people to help out. Kevin to contact ASET. Scott, Kevin, Sheldon and any others interested to help out on the committee.

f) Membership Database - Need to split up list and contact all individuals.

g) Newsletter - Just about ready to go. Jim to pass quiz to Greg to include in Newsletter.

h) ASET/SASST/ APEGS Liason - ASET has plans for tours for next year. Will continue to send out info to APEGS on presentations.

i) Program for 2000/2001

Fall Tech Presentation: Nov 29 Confirmed with Bob Gardshour of Syncrude Canada Ltd. Look at getting a very good gift for presenter as SCL is covering all the costs (Grace). Trent to send thank you letter to SCL. Door prize gift: books??
Tropical Inn to be booked. Need a sound system.

Spring Tours:

Brewery (Sloane)
ADM: (Trent) - Yes interested for 15 people. Will be more involved in future events.
Cold Lake Base (Louis)
Saskatoon Potash (Kathryn via Coreena)
Combine with ASET
Lindbergh Salt Mine (Sloane)
Millar Western Pulp Mill (Scott)
Imperial Oil Cold Lake (Trent)
Lakeland branch was going to have a fall tour but have postponed until spring (tentatively April) to allow us to participate.

PD Day Tech Presentation: (Kevin/Sloane)

  • Offshore Oil Scott to check out.
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Beer Tasting Greg/Sloane to try to get hold of a brewmaster.

j) Treasurer Report - Not Available

5. Old Business

a) Branch Manual - Tabled for discussion for next meeting. All to come prepared to discuss handout of what goals and activities we want to do.

b) Student Outreach - Procedures for assistants - Sloane; APEGGA Kits - e-mailed request. Awaiting reply - Trent

c) Mission Statement - Handout signed by present members.

d) Business Plan - Issued at meeting

e) Executive Meeting Mileage - Cannot be reimbursed.

f) Logo for Plaques - Sloane

g) School Awareness Program - List of schools has been made up. Sourcing contact names. - Jim Z;
List of schools and contacts outside of Lloydminster - Sloane

h) Media Contact - Put Nov 29 presentation in newspaper and CKSA? as upcoming events. - Grace

i) Budget Budget was reviewed.

6. New Business:

a) Council Meeting Agenda - Agenda circulated. Summit Award nominees closed Sep 30.

b) Branch Reports - Circulated for comments. Interesting to note that reports are similar to Vermilion River report.

c) APEGGA Logo'd Items - Circulated

d) National Engineering Week Champion - March 3 to 11. No volunteers to organize. Will advertise in newsletter for engineering week and student activities.

e) APEGGA Website - Adding more branch info. For information.

f) March/April PEGG Looking for branch article for march/April issue of The PEGG

7. Next Meeting - Nov 27, 2000, Monday at 6:30 pm, Jim to E-mail Sloane as to a meeting location. Still need a supper volunteer

8. Meeting Adjourned