Vermilion Branch
Meeting Minutes

February 21, 2001

6:30 p.m.
Husky MOB - 2nd Floor Meeting Room

Members Present: T. Cherry, D.Wooldridge, K.Thomas, S. Stark, S. Arndt,
S. Dieken, J. Sweeney, K. Green

Members Absent: G. Calpas

Minutes Prepared by: S. Arndt

1. Call to order - 6:48pm

2. Approval of agenda - no additions or deletions

3. Reading and approval of minutes of Jan. 10, 2000 meeting - all

4. Welcomed new executive member and passed our branch manual.

5. Old Business

a. Business Plan - activities to be updated by committee chairs. Trent will email out.

b. Student Outreach - Trent forwarded electronic logo to all members. The logo is with the trophy maker but it will not be ready until the end of March.

c. School Awareness - Greg and Jim Sweeney to still get contacts from Jim. They will contact district offices and try and get school contacts.

d. Media Contact - There was no media contact for the AGM and this should be done next year.

e. Branch Chairs Meeting Minutes - Trent forwarded minutes via email.

f. Annual General Conference - APEGGA will sponsor 2 branch members to attend. Anyone interested should contact Trent.

g. PEGG Article - Nothing yet, deadline March 31.

h. Branch Annual Report - Trent circulated.

7. New Business

a. Activities Since Last Executive Meeting:
- Branch AGM - had an excellent turnout of 55 people, 13 of those were guests. Total cost to branch was $175. The luncheon in Vegreville was a good idea and if it continues it might be a good idea to have someone from the executive attend.

- Branch Chair - Feb. 7-8 - Trent circulated activity reports and major issues discussed at meeting, which included the branch websites, President's meetings. One idea that Trent though of at the meeting was for Vermilion River Branch to host a council meeting. It was recommended that this be investigated and pursued further.

b. Volunteers for:
2001 Golf Tournament - D'arcy/Sheldon (Scott and Krista to assist)
Nominating Committee - Krista
Audit Committee - Jim and Kevin

c. Mission Statement - circulated and reviewed.

d. Business Plan - updates should be done for next meeting.

e. Joint Branch with APEGS - In a way we already do some of this informally as we invite members when we have events. The only thing we don't get is the financial support but at this time this issue is not a big concern.

f. Student Outreach Co-ordinator - Jim to take over from Sloane.

8. Committee Reports

a) Program for 2000/2001

Event Champion Date Attendance Limit
Brewery - Edmonton Sloane
ADM Agri - Lloydminster Trent May/June 2001 15 maximum
Cold Lake Base Scott
Lindbergh Salt Plant Sloane Any time.
Millar Western Pulp Mill Scott
Imperial Oil Cold Lake Trent April/May 2001 15 maximum
Saskatoon Potash D'arcy

Offshore Oil Arndt
Aeronautical Engineering
Beer Tasting Sloane/Greg

b) Professional Development (K. Thomas):
- Scheduled for April 10th with the following topics:
Effective Presentations - ½ day
Environmental Liability - 1.5 hr
Professional Liability - 1.5 hr
Electrical De-regulation - Supper Talk
- Goal is for mailout to be to APEGGA by March 2nd.

c) Student Outreach (J.Sweeney):
- Jim running a panel at Lloyd Comp for students on engineering.

d) Teacher Awards (J. Sweeney):
- Still waiting for nominations.
- Jim talked to Brett Hucklyk and he will receive a gift certificate for supper as getting together was too difficult.

e) Communication Committee (Various):
- Trent to forward database to Sheldon. He will also do an executive phone list.
- Greg has draft and will be sending out this week.
- ASET trying a tour of potash in Saskatoon. D'arcy will continue to communicate with them.

f) Nominations - (K. Green)
- Nothing to report.

g) Treasurer Report (S. Dieken):
- Balance $1855.95, Petty Cash $ 37.00.
- 2000 Draft Financial Statement to be prepared for AGM - DIEKEN.
- STARK / SWEENEY volunteered to audit books.

9. Next Meeting - March 28th, 2001, LLOYDMINSTER MOB, 2ND FLOOR

10. Adjournment - 8:45 PM