Vermilion Branch
Meeting Minutes

October 22, 2001

6:30 p.m.
Husky MOB - 2nd Floor Meeting Room

Members Present: T. Cherry, K. Cramer, S. Stark, J. Sweeney, D.Wooldridge, K. Howe

Members Absent: T. Benko, S. Dieken, K.Thomas, C. Ketchum

Minutes Prepared by: D. Wooldridge

1. Call to order - 6:45 pm

2. Approval of agenda - no additions or deletions

Approved by: K. Howe
Seconded by: S. Stark

3. Reading and approval of minutes for September 10, 2001 meeting - approved by all

4. Old Business

a. School Awareness
- Need to improve contacts with Lloyd schools - Dr. Don Duncan
- Plan to get an updated list of schools in the area
- Attempt to have APEGGA activities brought up at staff meeting
- Use the SRC to get word of the teacher awards out
- Try to access Assemblies, Teacher PD Days

Action Items:
1. (Trent) to forward April newsletter to Kathryn
2. (Sloane) Create / Update / Maintain a spreadsheet to track Student Awards
3. (Sloane / Jim) Contacting school boards

b. Business Plan - Business plan was reviewed at the last meeting

c. APEGGA Golf Tourney - Thank you notes to be sent to sponsors

d. Branch Article for the 'PEGG -

Krista / Trent - to work on an article that will include the branch roster, and an outline for the year based on the Business Plan.

e. Committee Reports

Program for 2001/2002

Attendance Limit
2. ADM Agri - Lloydminster T. Benko
3. Imperial Oil T. Cherry
Spring 2002

5. New Business

a. Planning Session
· First branch planning session was held at BP's on September 26, 2001
· Attending: Trent, Kathryn, Jim, Kevin, Sloane
· Very worthwhile session, produced many ideas
· Recommend to continue with having a branch planning session

b. Branch Social - (Kathryn)
· The Branch will hold a Branch Social - Pool night)
· Try for Nov 28, 2001, 7-9 PM, approximately 4 tables
· APEGGA notice to be ready for Nov 7, 2001

c. Beer Tasting Night
· Krista to help Sloane
· Pub at the Best Western in Sherwood Park has over 120 kinds of beers (Jim Sweeney to get a beer list)
· Maybe try to get a brew master out to talk

d. Technical Events / Dinner Presentations (New Ideas)
· Offshore Oil Presentation
· CO2 Municipal Flood (Pan Canadian)
· Gas Cavern Blowout / Gas Storage in Caverns
· Airplane Ejection Seats
· MacKenzie Valley Pipeline
· Hybrid Vehicle
· Irrigation Talk - Dale Miller
· Have an Athlete Talk
· Bennett Dam

Action Item: Trent - talk to Dale Miller for the AGM (Irrigation Talk)

e. PD Day
· Same format as last year (Full Day)
· Possible course topics Financial Statement / Ethical Decision Making
· Kevin to continue will planning of the PD Day

f. Teacher Award Lunch
· Teacher Award Lunch was held on Thursday, Oct 18, 2001 at Mr. Bills
· Attended: Trent, Sheldon, Jim, Kevin, D'Arcy, Shelley Merth, Deb MacArthur
· Received lots of good feedback, contacts for future
· Comment: With the semester system and the award being issued in February, the second semester students haven't had a good chance to get to know the teachers yet.

g. Lindbergh Salt Mine Tour
· 13 People attended the Salt MineTour on October 3, 2001
· Tour was well received, very interesting
· Total Cost of Tour was $151

h. Member List
· A revised member list is now available
i. Student Awards
· Jim to forward list of latest award winners to Kathryn for Newsletter
· Upcoming Awards: Dewberry Oct 26 (Mandy Blacklock (7), Kendra Hegedus(7))

j. Newsletter
· Kathryn to prepare the next newsletter
· Newsletter to be issued in early November
· D'Arcy to help Kathryn
· D'Arcy to get a list of ASET / APEGS members on E-Mail

k. Treasury Report
· Treasury Report not available (Sloane Absent)

6. Next Meetings

Regular Meeting - Monday December, 10, 2001
6:30 pm 2nd flr Husky MOB - Lloydminster

Supper Volunteer - Trent Cherry

7. Adjournment - 8:05 pm