Calgary Branch
Activity Report to Council
MAY 2001

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Branch Executive

John Pastega, P.Eng.

Past Chair
Kevin Richmond, P.Geol.

Vice Chair
Steve Wyton, P.Eng.

Terry Cooper, P.Eng.

Tibor Kaldor, P.Eng.

Members -at-large
Dr. Judith Lentin, P.Geol.,
Tumpa Reinhardt, E.I.T.,
Mike Styczen, P.Eng.,
Ed Wilson, P.Eng.,
Francis Chan, P.Eng.,
Dr. Ronald Hinds, P.Geoph.,
Ian Squires, P.Eng.,
Anil Nayak, P.Eng.

Calgary Branch Report To Council - May 2001

Since the last APEGGA Council Meeting, the following events have taken place in the Calgary Branch:

Executive Meetings

A Branch executive meeting was held on May 28, 2001. See the Meeting minutes for issues discussed.

Branch Meeting & Lunch, Fairmont Palliser Hotel

  • May 24: Jadwiga Kroman, P.Eng., Senior Structural Engineer - City of Calgary, presented "Centre Street Bridge Restoration , A Blend of History and New Technology".
  • This was the last lunch before summer break. Lunch Meetings resume September 20, 2001.

Professional Development Seminar

  • May 23: Dr. George Jergeas, P.Eng., Associate Professor of Project Management - University of Calgary, presented "Dispute Prevention and Management", at The 400 Club.

APEGGA Mentoring Project

This project is making strong progress and realizing significant industry support. Funding, system implementation and participant recruitment is planned.


Tibor Kaldor, P. Eng.
Secretary, Calgary Branch