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Activity Report to Council

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Wednesday 2001 February 7, Edmonton

Branch Meeting:

  • Since the last Branch Chairs' Meeting, the Central Alberta APEGGA Branch conducted two branch executive meetings and several branch events.

  • The Central Alberta continues to work with local community groups and schools to enhance outreach programs. As well, the branch plans to have more family oriented events and tours in the future.

Plant Tours:

  • The Central Alberta Branch Recreational Night took place on December 7th, 2000. The event was very well attended by branch members. Members expressed their pleasure in having an annual event that does not involved technical plant tours.

  • On January 16th, 2001, the Central Alberta Branch conducted of the new Collicutt Hanover Factory / Facilities. About 50 members from the Central Alberta area attended the tour. Collicutt Hanover is a leading manufacturer of pipeline compressors and power generation equipment. The Central Alberta would like to sincerely thank the Collicutt Hanover staff and Mr. Steven Collicutt for allowing our members the honor and privilege of touring the world-class & state-of-the-art facility (which have not had a grand opening yet).

Student Outreach:

  • During this reporting period, several Branch Executives held a dinner reception to honor of the 2000 Teacher-Award Winner Ms. Jean Wegner of the Reed Ranch School in Olds, Alberta.

  • The Central Alberta Branch want to thank branch members for thier continue involvement in community, science and school related activities such as classroom presentations and science festivals.

Branch Budget:

  • The branch balance is approximately $1,400 as of January 9th, 2001.

Upcoming Events:

  • Branch executive meeting plan for mid February.
  • Red Deer College Student Night in March.
  • The Third Annual Central Alberta Professional Development Day in April.

Respectfully Submitted by,

Kim H. Ng, C.Chem., P.Eng.
Chair, Central Alberta APEGGA