Fort McMurray Branch
Activity Report to Council
JUNE, 2001

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Mitch Azmier, P. Eng.

Past Chair
Paul Hagar, P. Eng.

Vice Chair
Marc Riendeau, P. Eng.

Jacob Oommachan, P. Eng.

Kim Farwell, P. Eng.

Outreach Coordinator
Anne Simpson, P. Eng.

Bruce Durnford, M.I.T.
Rattan Garcha, P. Eng.
Hassan Halepota, M.I.T.
Jamie LeBlanc, M.I.T.
Prakash Mullick, P. Eng.
Andrey Pawelczak, P. Eng.
Isabelle Ramsaran, P. Eng. Mike Sneath, P. Eng.

The 2001/2002 branch executive began their term in office.

Branch Activities

We held our annual Planning Session to plan the activities over the next eighteen months. The following is the summary of this meeting.

  • We have recognized a need to improve branch communication, as such:

    - The Newsletter is to be revived and published quarterly, and will highlight past events, future events, and a message from the branch chair

    - we will start to use the website more, and will post our next 18 months calendar of events on the APEGGA web page

    - we will ensure the e-mail list is updated and use it as final reminders for events (have reminder included on newsletter to update APEGGA e-mail)

  • The events we have planned for the year include the:
    - CPD Session
    - National Engineering Week
    - Teacher's Awards
    - Student Awards
    - APEGGA Casual Night (MITs & New Hires)
    - Mentoring Program - link MITs w formal mentors, may be part of Casual Night
    - Wine and Cheese (possible a famous personalities event)
    - Executive BBQ
    - Booth at the Tradeshow
    - Joint Event with CIM
    - Run/Walk Event (2002)
    - President's Visit 2002
    - AGM 2002
    - Annual Planning Session 2002

Mitch Azmier, P. Eng.
Branch Chair, Fort McMurray Branch