Fort McMurray Branch
Activity Report to Council

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Paul Hagar, P. Eng.

Past Chair
Greg Gaudet, P. Eng.

Vice Chair
Gerry Lobb, P. Geol.

Mitch Azmier, P. Eng.

Kim Farwell, M.I.T.

Outreach Coordinator
Allyson Hadland, M.I.T.

Members -at-large
Swami Swaminathan
Mike Sneath
Shannon Hardy
Peter Fisher
Ashok Sehgal
Prakash Mullick
Marc Riendeau
David Fudge
Victoria Fudge
Andrey Pawelczak
Jacob Oommachan
Rattan Garcha

We held two Branch Executive Meetings. Some of the items discussed in the executive meetings were:

  • The proposed changes to the First Year Transfer Scholarships. The Branch Executive unanimously opposed the Education Foundation's proposed changes to the First Year Transfer Scholarships. The executive felt that this was a step "backward". The foundation should be doing a better job of funding raising and not reducing the awards. This proposal could harm APEGGA's image in the community and some young people who live in remote communities may be discouraged in pursuing careers in engineering or the geosciences.

High School awards were presented to Grade 9 and 10 students at Father Mecredi, Westwood and Composite high schools.

A technical night was held on October 26th. The event featured two interesting presentations. Patrick Ryan presented the first presentation entitled "Forensic analysis of Car Crashes" and Peter Fisher presented the second presentation entitled "The Wood Buffalo Air Monitoring System".

Unfortunately, the CPD Seminar that was planned for November 24th was cancelled due to insufficient registrants. The executive will consider holding the seminar in the spring.

Upcoming Events include Student Night, Lego Competition Judging, the Keyano College Awards Dinner, the President's Visit and the Annual General Meeting.

On behalf of the Fort McMurray Branch, I would like to wish my fellow Branch Chairs, the members of the APEGGA council and the APEGGA staff a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Paul Hagar, P. Eng.
Branch Chair, Fort McMurray Branch