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Mitch Azmier, P. Eng.

Past Chair

Paul Hagar, P. Eng.

Vice Chair
Kim Farwell, P.Eng.

Jacob Oommachan, P. Eng.

Kim Farwell, P. Eng.

Outreach Coordinator
Anne Simpson, P. Eng.

Irfan Ahmad
Christophe Durieu, P. Eng.
Bruce Durnford, M.I.T.
Rattan Garcha, P. Eng.
Hassan Halepota, M.I.T.
Kamal Hamad, M.I.T.
Louise Michaud, P. Eng.
Prakash Mullick, P. Eng.
Mike Sneath, P. Eng.

Branch Activities

We published the second edition of our quarterly newsletter.

We presented the Branch's "Showcase" awards to the Ft. McMurray students with the highest combined marks in Grade 9 science and math at each high school. The 2001 award recipients were:

Composite High: Michael Boone, Philip Au, Ashley Crewe, Lisa Mywaart

Father Mercredi: Jacquelyn Fulford, Brian Hodson, Danielle Jessome
Westwood: Megan Vorster, Jordana Fair, Vanessa Horne

We held a social night for student, MITs, new hires, and other potential members on October 4th. This was a casual meeting with members of the executive and other professional members meeting. Discussion topics were varied and include mentoring, the value of the association, and the importance of registration, how to complete a foreign registration, etc.

We held a Continuing Professional Development day on November 15th. 60 people attended the presentations on Leadership by Deborah Rothermel of IdeaWorks, Calgary and the presentation on "Winning with Difficult People" by Bruce Lee of the Custom Learning Systems Group Ltd.

We held a wine and cheese tasting event on November 20. Almost 20 people attend the talk by Brian Lade P.Eng., member of the Opimian Society.

We judged a Lego Building Contest for students aged 7-17 at the OilSands Discovery Center on November 25th. Paul Hagar, Chris MacPhee and David Fudge were our volunteer judges.

Upcoming Events

Technical Night - This event has been recently added to our slate of event for the brnach this year. It is tentatively scheduled to be on Suncor's Millenium project, and the date will be mid January 2002.

Presidents Visit - This has been scheduled for Feb 20, 2002

AGM - This has been scheduled for March 27, 2002

Mitch Azmier, P. Eng.
Branch Chair, Fort McMurray Branch