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Activity Report to Council

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Mitch Azmier, P. Eng.

Past Chair
Paul Hagar, P. Eng.

Vice Chair
Kim Farwell, P.Eng.

Jacob Oommachan, P.Eng.

Kim Farwell, P.Eng.

Outreach Coordinator
Anne Simpson, P.Eng.

Members -at-large
Irfan Ahmad
Christophe Durieu
Bruce Durnford, M.I.T.
Rattan Garcha, P.Eng.
Hassan Halepota, M.I.T.
Kamal Hamad
Prakash Mullick, P.Eng.
Mike Sneath, P.Eng.

Fort McMurray Branch Report To Council September 14, 2001

Branch Activities

We had several members of our branch executive attend the Branch executive orientation session in Edmonton in June.

In June we held the dinner for our Teacher's Award recipient Denise Lockie, a grade 4 teacher at Father J.A. Turcotte Elementary School.

We revived our quarterly newsletter, issued the first copy in July, and received a volunteer for the executive from the newsletter.

We published our branch article in the July PEGG.

We held our July meeting and executive BBQ at the residence of Mitchel Azmier and Kim Farwell.

We had had four members of the executive move from Ft. McMurray since our May meeting, and are in the process of recruiting volunteers. As such we welcomed Kamal Hammad, Irfan Ahmad, and Christophe Durieu to the branch executive as members-at-large at the September 12th meeting. One of those who left town was our branch Vice Chair. We have held an election, and Kim Farwell was elected as the branch Vice Chair for the remainder of the 2001/2002 term.

We sponsored a booth at the Oil Sand Trade show on Sept 5th and 6th in order to reach potential new members in the Ft. McMurray region. Kim Farwell and Bruce Durnford of our executive, and Louise Heron of Compliance operated the booth. This event was a success; the quantity and nature of the questions and answers during the session support this fact. There were numerous request for professional membership applications, and even a couple for permit to practice applications. We will give strong consideration to holding this event again next year, given the amount of hiring, transfers, and attrition that are occurring in the Ft. McMurray region.

Upcoming Events

A social night for student, MITs, new hires, and other potential members will be held on October 4th. This will be a casual meeting with members of the executive and other professional members meeting with the above individuals to informally discuss various topics (which could include mentoring, the value of the association, and the importance of registration).

Mitch Azmier, P. Eng.
Branch Chair, Fort McMurray Branch