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Activity Report to Council

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November 20, 2001

The Medicine Hat Branch has been very busy over the past couple of months participating in Outreach programs and planning the upcoming year of events.

Branch Activities:

· A Technical Dinner/Presentation was held Sep. 12th to approximately 35 members and guests. Mr. Jim Troyer, P. Eng., Project Engineer for EnerMark discussed how EnerMark and its partners plan to enhance oil recovery for Medicine Hat's Glauconetic C Pool.

· The branch hosted three evenings of engineering demonstrations and hands-on participation to students and parents at the Medicine Hat Public Library during National Science & Technology Week in October, reaching approximately 55 adults and children within the community.

· A display booth was set-up at the biennial Medicine Hat District Career Fair for regional high school students on Oct. 30th. Approximately 3,500 students were in attendance. Interest in the APEGGA booth was exceptionally high this year. It was thought there was greater interest this year due to the excellent booth location, the eye-catching backdrop and the interesting hands-on displays.

· APEGGA members also participated in a career fair at Brooks, with exposure to about 900 high school students the evening of Oct. 30th.

· An APEGGA Scholarship cheque was presented to Ms. Regan Onischuk of Medicine Hat at a Medicine Hat College Awards Presentation on November 5th.

· Mr. Richard Adamson, P. Eng., M. Sc., of Mariah Energy Corp on micro turbine-based Heat PlusPower™ systems, made a dinner presentation on November 15th. The event was well attended with 38 members and guests.

Branch Budget:

· Current balance for the branch bank account is approximately $800.

· An installment request for funding will be made in January 2001.

Upcoming Branch Meetings:

· A Branch Executive meeting is scheduled for Tues., Dec. 4th to discuss upcoming events and potential changes in the branch executive and review the council meeting.

· The Fun Night scheduled in October was cancelled due to lack of participation. Further discussion will be held on what other types of social evenings to offer to the branch.

· The President's visit has been tentatively scheduled for Feb. 25th, 2001.