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Activity Report to Council

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11-21-00 1) On October 20, a Science Night was held at St. Clement School in Grande Prairie. Heidi Yang, our Outreach Coordinator and Vice-Chairman organized the event and it was an unprecedented success.

2) The Annual Students’ Night was held on November 2 in Grande Prairie, at the Trumpeter Hotel, with 26 students attending.

The evening was preceded by a job-shadowing experience, for the students, at various local industries. The students appeared to find it interesting and hopefully it will act as a motivating factor.

The speaker was Dr. Robert Young, who is on sabbatical leave at Grande Prairie College. He spoke on “Landscape Evolution of Alberta-Geological Prospect”.

3) On November 17, I did a 1 hour presentation on Flight, to a grade 6 class at Trout Lake. This was enjoyed by all, including myself.

The teacher will be making further requests of Apegga members.

The teachers requested assistance with obtaining laboratory apparatus of any type. I advised them of a few sources that I was familiar with; however, they pointed out that they basically did not have a budget for it. If anyone has anything to offer, they would be pleased to receive it.

4) The next event was planned for November 30 and it was planned to be a Technical Presentation to be given by Ross Keating of Glacier Hydro Electric. The topic was to be the “Dunvegan Hydro Electric Project”. However, this had to be postponed to January of 2001.

An executive meeting is planned for November 30, 2000.

Submitted by Dan Ropchan.