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The new Peace River Executive for 2001/2002 year have met in June, August and September to develop our Business Plan, next year's calendar of events, and next year's Budget. Our Key focus areas are to:

· Focus on enhancing existing events through increased communication and awareness of branch activities.

· Promote Science & Technology in local schools in the community

· Continue to improve our image with the Public

· Increase the involvement with our members, especially those outside of Grande Prairie

· Provide Networking and Professional Development Opportunities, encouraging participation in all area's technical associations and alumni functions.

· Increase awareness in Mentoring

· Increase our relationship and involvement with ASET

· In our September meeting, we invited the 2 chairpeople from ASET to determine how we can work together to build our relationship with them

· The first quarterly newsletter went out early in September to promote our business plan to our members as well as the use of our Web Page


· We are currently working with Len Shrimpton regarding the details of our 2001/2002 budget

· The branch balance is approximately $2443.07 as of September, 2001


· A technical tour is scheduled at Risely for the end of Septmember. Risely is a major manufacturer of Forestry equipment that is sold internationally. Reg Risely, the owner, was awarded the Honorary Member awaard from APEGGA three years ago

· Details are being worked on events for Science and Technology Week